Afternoon Delight: Battling homophobia at Women’s World Cup 2011, Rachel Maddow rules her time slot


Happy birthday to Minka Kelly! The Roommate actress turns 31 today. (Sleep-acting is harder than it looks.)

Comedian and Emmy Award winner Kathy Griffin has always been very vocal about her support for the LGBT community, and we thank her for that. Griffin recently had a run-in with conservative and anti-gay politician Michelle Bachmann. (Oh, to be a fly on that wall.) When Griffin asked Bachmann to attend a rally aimed to repeal DADT and Bachmann said “No,” Griffin responded (and made sure the press documented it), "Were you born a bigot or did you grow into one?"

Earlier this year political commentator Keith Olbermann had a very public feud with MSNBC. Olbermann, who worked alongside Rachel Maddow, recently switched networks and resumed his show, Countdown, on Current TV. Fans of both Olbermann and Maddow were then forced to chose between them as Olbermann’s 63-minute show was overlapping the beginning of Maddow’s show. After a little back and forth, Olbermann bowed down to Maddow and tweeted a solution.

Maddow responded by saying, “That’s right, bow down bitch!” OK, she didn’t say that but wouldn’t it be awesome if she did?

I personally like Olbermann (although he seems like a pill) and if you missed his outstanding speech on gay marriage after the 2008 election do yourself a favor and watch it below. Olbermann calls the passage of California’s Proposition 8 “horrible.”

DJ Samantha Ronson is back! (Although, I’m not sure where she went.) Ronson tweeted about her upcoming shows.

Ronson & The Undertakers will be performing July 7 at 8 p.m. at the Blue Note in New York. (131 W. 3rd St.)

Lady Gaga has millions of fans (and little monsters) that love her. But what do America’s children think of the bizarre award- winning singer and her antics?

This Sunday, June 26, the Women’s World Cup 2011 begins, but some lesbian players will not be allowed to participate. The New York Times reports that the Nigerian Football Federation has kicked a few players off their national team “not because they were bad players, but because they were lesbians.”

In Nigeria it is common for lesbians to be ostracized and subjected to beatings. The Nigerian national soccer coach Eucharia Uche is on a witch-hunt aiming to remove all queer players from the team before the World Cup begins. is fighting this injustice, and I urge you to take a moment to demand that the FIFA president Joseph Blatter publicly condemn Nigeria’s anti-gay campaign.

Please sign the petition and voice your opinions.

If you’re ready to take your gayness to a global level, then check out TripOut Global Pride Guide. As you can see, we’ve added a widget (just to the right of this text) to the site, just to keep you updated on where and when you can get your Pride on all summer long — and beyond!

Tomorrow night (June 25) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will be performing at the Magic Springs & Crystal Falls in Hot Springs, AR while Lady Gaga takes over Japan! Well, not the entire country of Japan, but Gaga does take over the MTV Japan Awards.

On Sunday, June 26, Sheryl Swoopes and the Tulsa Shock head to Washington to take on the Mystics at 3 p.m. Also on Sunday, don’t forget to tune into the Season 4 premiere of True Blood at 9 p.m. The HBO show promises a new gay storyline. (My money is on Tara!)

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day:

Out model Freja Beha Erichsen is the face (and body) of Isabel Marant’s Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign.

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