Jessica Alba, funny girl?


We all knew she was hot — especially in Dark Angel — but Jessica Alba is also pretty funny in the trailer for Good Luck Chuck. The movie stars Dane Cook as Chuck, a guy who is perceived as a lucky charm — each woman who sleeps with him finds her true love shortly thereafter. So, as often happens in this kind of movie, word gets around and suddenly a lot of women want to sleep with him. Alba plays Kim, a penguin keeper (yes, a penguin keeper) who makes Chuck’s “blessing” feel like a curse.


Yeah, it could be pretty bad; it probably depends on whether you like Dane Cook or not. The movie’s official site features various lame plays on the word “chuck” — “Go chuck yourself,” “I chuck on the first date,” etc. — and that doesn’t exactly bode well. But it would be nice to see Alba in something other than Sin City-esque flicks. She might actually turn out to be a charming rom-com lead. And ya gotta love those penguin undies.

Good Luck Chuck hits theaters in August.

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