Dinah Shore 2007 Photos


The AfterEllen.com staff went to the Dinah Shore Weekend

in Palm Springs last week, where we got too much sun, didn’t drink enough water,

and saw a lot of cute women doing things they were probably going to regret

the next morning. We also threw a cocktail party, and we’ve got the pictures

to prove it! Check ’em out below.

Sarah Warn with actress Renee

(Xena: Warrior Princess)

Malinda Lo and Sarah Warn with Renee O’Connor

Actresses Jill

(In Her Line of Fire)

and Maeve Quinlan (South

of Nowhere

AfterEllen.com’s Karman Kregloe and Sarah Warn with Jill Bennett,

singer/songwriter Jamie Blake (Vixtrola),

and Maeve Quinlan

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