The Top 11 lesbian-for-titillation stage performances


What is it about women kissing or dancing on one another during musical performances that still manages to get people talking? Generally speaking, they are carefully plotted performances by singers (usually of the pop variety) who are looking to show off some edge. It seems that in the last eight years, there have been both performances of feigned lesbianism and honest bisexual play/exploration on major musical stages.

We decided it was time for a list of these antics and so have compiled The 11 Most Lesbian-for-Titillation Stage Performances. We rated them on a scale of 1 – 10 by Lesbian Quotient (how gay was the act), Titillation Rating (how sexy was it), and Repeat Offender Status (how likely they are to do it again/if they have already done it more than once).

Miley Cyrus’ lesbian “not-even” kiss

What happened: The teen pop singer pretends to kiss a female dancer during a television performance of her single “Can’t Be Tamed” on Britain’s Got Talent.

Lesbian Quotient: 2. No lips touched and she later made a statement (to defend herself) that she “did nothing wrong.”

Titillation Rating: 4. The idea was to shock fans and viewers, and that she did. However it was more of a neck grab than anything else.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. She performed the same fake kiss for several other live performances of the song.

Nicki Minaj’s “Dick James”

What happened: The MC brought out a sex toy at a concert in Providence. She waved it around, licked it and put it over her crotch.

Lesbian Quotient: 1. The toy didn’t appear to be brought out in connection with another woman, despite the presence of female dancers.

Titillation Rating: 3. Dick James was simply a prop, used by Minaj and no one else, but it still got tongues wagging.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. Her tour has only just begun and she’s utilized it on two dates so far.

Taylor Momsen’s fan dance

What happened: The Pretty Reckless frontwoman brought a fan, clad in only a bra and jeans, on stage and then proceeded to rub against her while singing.

Lesbian Quotient: 3. There were two girls on the stage together, and the only thing that makes it quite lesbianish is the fact that they were both half-naked and stood quite close to one another.

Titillation Rating: 2. It was fairly tame and Momsen is 17.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. There’s always a girl in a bra at Pretty Reckless shows, apparently, as this happens frequently.

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