This Week in Lesbianish TV: Feb. 26 – March 3


We run a lot of recaps on, but we aren’t able to run them on every single show with a lesbian or bisexual female character. It’s a great problem to have, really — too many shows on television with gay women. So we decided to do a weekly column giving you the basics on the lesbianish storylines and highlights from out lesbians who have regular shows on the tube. If we miss anything, we’d love for you to send us a tip.


Portlandia (Fridays, IFC): The finale had Heather Graham joining the journaling group at Women & Women First. Carrie’s character takes an instant liking to her for the show’s most lesbianish moment. In another hilarious sketch, Carrie and Fred pose as chefs who are ready for their close-ups.


Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Mondays): Emily and Paige meet somewhere outside of Rosewood and have a great time talking and singing karaoke together. It ends on a sour note, though, when Paige says she wants to keep their romance a secret. Watch the full episode at

Rules of Engagement (CBS, Thursdays): Sara Rue returns as Brenda, the lesbian surrogate, for a visit to Jeff and Audrey’s fertility doctor to create a zygote. Brenda gets inseminated, but it doesn’t work so they plan on trying again. Jeff, however, isn’t psyched on the expense. Watch full episodes at

Skins (MTV, Mondays): Michelle finds out Tony has been cheating on her when she gets told she has chlamydia. Things are going well between Tea and Betty (they even share some PDAs at school), but all bets are off when Michelle finds out Tea also has chlamydia. Watch full episodes at



The Good Wife (CBS, Tuesdays): Kalinda tries to live a “normal life” and gives everyone she works with a change of address. Cary lets her know she’s being looked into by his colleagues, and that she’s never going to be able to be “normal.” Even though Kalinda says she’s not interested in him romantically, he plants a kiss on her to prove his point. Watch full episodes at


White Collar (USA, Wednesdays): On the last episode before the season finale, Diana finds a classified file that is instrumental in helping take down Stanzler, who is involved in creating blackouts to force the city into paying him millions for his energy supply.

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