The mysterious Kalinda Sharma: the best bisexual character on TV


When Jill Flint appeared on the first season of The Good Wife as FBI agent Lana Delaney, she was attempting to seduce Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) in two ways — sexually and professionally. But Kalinda wasn’t interested, at least not in the job offer. Although she shared some flirting over dinner and a kiss behind a garage door, the relationship didn’t advance, as Kalinda wanted to stay where she was, working at Lockhart & Gardner.

On last night’s episode, “Net Worth,” Kalinda sought out Lana’s help, which turned into another dinner, with some more forwardness from Lana and a brief discussion of Kalinda’s sexuality. (The use of The Kills’ “Black Balloon” was a superb choice for this sexy scene.)


Lana: I’m taking off my shoe. See?

Kalinda: I can see.

Lana: I’m stretching out my foot. Are you alright with that?

Kalinda: Oh you have to stretch, stretch.


Lana runs her stockinged foot up Kalinda’s leg to the edge of her skirt around her thigh.

Lana: I have an offer for you. Come work for me. It’s not good at Lockhart Gardner and it wont’ be good for quite some time.

Kalinda: And why is that?

Lana: Your firm is representing Bishop, the drug dealer.

Kalinda: Yeah he has legitimate interests.

Lana: He has no legitimate interests. [Runs her foot up Kalinda’s dress an inch] The firm is in danger. Come work for me.

Kalinda: We had this conversation. I like where I am. [Lana runs her foot back down to Kalinda’s boot]

Lana: Why do you like men?

Kalinda: Why do I like men?

Lana: Yes, sex with men. Why do you like it?

Kalinda: I don’t distinguish.

Lana: You don’t have a preference?

Kalinda: Uh…

Lana: You were saying?

Kalinda: I was saying Italian, Mexican, Thai — why does one choose one food over the other?

Lana: Because sex is not food.

Kalinda: Because of love.

Lana: Or intimacy. Don’t you want intimacy?

Kalinda: No.

Lana: [Phone rings] I have to get that.

Kalinda: Then you’re going to need your foot back.

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