This weekend on The 16th Annual Xena Convention


It’s January, and that means the “Woodstock” of the lesbian nation is just around the corner. I’m talking about the 16th Annual Xena: Warrior Princess convention, happening in Los Angeles on Jan. 28-30. has been doing live coverage of the convention for several years now — you can find past photos, liveblogs, and interviews here — and this year is no exception.

Featured guests will include Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle), Hudson Leick (Callisto), Claire Stansfield (Alti), Melinda Clarke (Velasca), Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Boadicea), Brittney Powell (Brunnhilda), Jacqueline Kim (Lao Ma), and fan fave Katherine Fugate (Army Wives, Valentine’s Day), author of what some fans consider the true final episode of the series, “When Fates Collide.”

Also featured will be the biggest Xena/Gabrielle shipper of all time, straight ally and Xena producer/writer Stephen Sears, along with Michael Hurst (Ioalus) and Ted Raimi (Joxer.)

Sadly not joining the con this year will be Lucy Lawless (Xena), who is busy shooting Spartacus.

For ticket information and the official schedule, click on over to the official con website. It’s being held at the Los Angeles Marriott at LAX, 5855 West Century Blvd., but if you can’t be there in person, be here — we’ve got you covered. And battle on!

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