Styled Out: Show us your flares


All right, you guys, it’s happening. In 2010, I forewarned you all about the possibility of flares becoming a real live thing again and I regret to inform you that it’s a true story. The ’70s are making a triumphant return this spring in purchasable and, according to the experts, fashionable form.

I actually really like Gap denim, it’s fitted with a touch of stretch, making each pair pretty appropriate for a range of body types, and word on the street is that they’re stocked and selling the extremely high-waisted flares. The more I look at this particular cut, the more I can envision myself giving them a try. Plus that girl’s butt looks pretty awesome in them.

A less severe approach to embracing this Spring’s trend offering is to go back to the standard boot cut. It’s still got vintage appeal without being wear such an exaggerated cut. I like the Doozy cut by Diesel (who doesn’t love Diesel, really), and they’ll last you awhile, too.

Do you love Timberlake as hard as I do? You have to be well aware that amongst all of his other talents, he’s got his own clothing line. He’s on the bell-leg train along with the rest of his fashion-forward peers, but his have a lower waistline that I imagine a lot more people are going to get behind.

William Rast for Target is a less expensive and still viable boot cut option, FYI, if you’re finished boycotting the store.

If you’re short, the flared jean can make you look shorter, and if you’re not the trimmest of gals, they might accentuate the parts of you that you don’t like, so be careful! Reserve them for a future Halloween costume if you’re going to feel totally weird in them.

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