Styled Out: Sporting a unibrow for a good cause


When most of think of what our idea of beauty is, it probably doesn’t involve rocking a unibrow. The hair removal industry grosses billions in the U.S. alone every year so, needless to say, when I was informed that Decembrow was a real live thing, I thought it was pretty rad. So much of feminism is tossing the traditional stigmas surrounding glamour out the door, while simultaneously raising funds for a great cause. So Feministing is asking you to grow out your brow and raise money all month long for a cause — any cause you’d like.

I love it when anyone embraces their stereotypical labels and this campaign being led is totally a bitch slap that’s all up in any anti-feminist group’s face. But, even better: Sporting a unibrow can actually be in style.

Several things have been brought to my attention via this most interesting of fundraising, most notably that a heavier brow actually gives the appearance of youth. My friend and co-worker Greta loves a darker and fuller brow and she’s totally drop dead gorgeous, so I should have taken note a couple of months ago, I suppose. Flip through an issue of Vogue, if you’re looking for it, you’ll seriously notice the full furrow is more popular than not.

Me? I’m kind of in the same boat as writer and poet Erica Jong. She says:

As a blonde whose eyebrows disappear into her face I can’t do the unibrow thing, but I applaud anything that galvanizes women to show the power we have and often fail to use.

FYI, I do tint to combat the problem of my eyebrows disappearing in almost every photo — a great option for all of you other blondes out there, it’s quick and easy and your hairdresser will totally do it for you. We can be halfway in the club!


Are you going to grow that business out for a good cause? If so, pick a charity and use the awesome social networking power of the interweb to tell your friends. Don’t forget to tell them where to donate their money. Pick a good charity!

Yours in solidarity and albino brows,


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