’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman


It’s that time of year again, when you begin to think of the best possible gifts for everyone on your list. It can be challenging, but it can be fun, and sharing ideas of what someone might like is part of that seasonal joy. Basically, we have opinions on stuff, and we know you do, too. So let’s consume thoughtfully and with purpose!

The writers at have come up with gifts for women you might know, from the Materialistic Femme, to the Gay for the Gym Rat, to the Queer Lit Lady. It’s 14 pages of gift ideas for the lucky ladies in your life, or perhaps some ideas for you to put on your own list. (Shopping for yourself is part of the fun, too, right?)

So here’s hoping that we have found some things you’d like to get your hands on for you and yours this holiday season. We also accept any of these gifts sent to us in thanks. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

Happy shopping! 


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