The Huddle: Things that makes a lesbian heart weep


There’s a new book by Freeman Hall called Stuff that Makes a Gay Heart Weep and it’s a list of 210 things that make gay men want to cry. This includes things like Trainwreck Britney, Emo hair and Capri Pants. But this book was just another reminder of how different gay men and women are. I mean, their gay hearts cry over potlucks? Bad karaoke? I mean, I’m a lesbian and I happen to enjoy the gathering of many women with platters of homemade food and an awful rendition of any Heart song sung by a drunk at a dive bar. I can’t be alone here.

So we decided to make a list of our own. Here are things that make our lesbian hearts weep.

Grace Chu: Things that make a lesbian heart weep

10. Katy Perry on

the cover of Out Magazine

9. Katy Perry in general

8. Ill-fitting blazers

7. Seeing other lesbians rockin’ out mullets, fannypacks, or Tevas in

a non-ironic manner in 2010

6. Taylor Swift besting Lady Gaga for "Album of the Year" at the Grammys

5. Queen Latifah and Jeanette Jenkins

4. Unclipped, unfiled fingernails

3. Ilene Chaiken‘s monopoly on lesbian-themed television programming

2. Anyone who actually believed Tila Tequila when she said she was a lesbian

1. Running out of AA batteries

Jamie Murnane: Things don’t make my lesbian heart weep — people do. More specifically, people who are obviously gay ladies who won’t just come out already. I won’t name names, because we all know who I’m talking about. And that’s the whole point: I don’t want to tell you who I think / know is gay if they won’t do it themselves.

I’m not looking for a big statement, a press release, or overly-publicized memoir about living a lie for so long. It would just be nice for celebrities to live honestly and stop worrying about their reputation. It’s 2010. There are entire website devoted to the careers of gay and gay friendly actresses, pop stars, models, celebrity trainers, rapper-turned-actresses, comedians, etc.

Seriously. It breaks my heart that they’re so concerned with their careers that they won’t just admit what we already know.

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