The Huddle: You know how I know I’m gay?


Heather Hogan: You know you’re gay when you see a lesbian couple on TV for the first time and suddenly the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD is that they get together/get back together/stay together FOREVER. Ross and Rachel, Pam and Jim, Buffy and Angel, Joey and Pacey, Chuck and Sarah, Chuck and Blair, Juliet and Sawyer, Booth and Brennan: those couples are fictional. But Bette and Tina, Naomi and Emily, Callie and Arizona, Ashley and Spencer, Sophie and Sian, Olivia and Natalia: those are real people, with real needs, and real feelings, and real love.

And yeah, there’s an unprecedented worldwide economic crisis going on. And yeah, nuclear proliferation is an actual possibility. And yeah, schools are deteriorating and energy policy is shite and climate change is destroying the planet and political belligerence is threatening the stability of the the industrial world — but what are any of those "problems" compared to the emotional turmoil of Bette cheating on Tina, or Naomi cheating on Emily, or Callie wanting to have a baby? If your feelings about lesbian couples on TV are stronger than your feelings about the Apocalypse, congratulations: you’re a raging homosexual.

Trish Bendix: No matter what age you are, you know you have some lesbianish/bisexual feelings when there is a girl you just can’t stop thinking about. If you find another girl attractive but it doesn’t move past admiration, it’s not a tell-tale sign. But if you meet someone or see someone of the same sex and it’s making your heart skip a beat or your head swirl, it’s more than just a "girl crush," baby.

Help some confused girls out — how do you know you’re gay?

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