We break for Dinah


As you've probably noticed, the blog is pretty quiet right now. That's because some miscreants at a rival web site have hacked into our servers and replaced all the blog images with that Nick Nolte mug shot and some in flagrante snaps of Pat Robertson.


The truth (which is even stranger) is that a lot of AfterEllen staffers are at the Dinah Shore weekend, which just isn't all that conducive to blogging. Unless by "blogging" you mean trying to spot Joan Jett and hoping you don't run into that toxic artist you had a fling with during your sophomore year of college.

We'll get back into the swing of things next week. Speaking of swing, here's a lovely photo of the weekend's eponym:

Dinah Shore had a great voice. Explore her talents at Last.fm, and have a groovy weekend. Oh, and while you're listening, take the opportunity to browse the Best. Lesbian-ish. Day. Ever. blog archives — there's a wealth of posts just waiting for you!

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