The Huddle: Living lesbian stereotypes


This week, I asked the bloggers what lesbian stereotypes they happen to live up to. This spawned the biggest response to a huddle topic ever, as we apparently all share some of these assumed attributes about gay women. Here we go:

Mia Jones: Two cats, two dogs, a girlfriend who kind of looks like me, a wardrobe consisting of only jeans, hoodies, converse & Sauconys, I played soccer, I move in after the first date. Lesley, I might have you beat.

Double homo

Lesley Goldberg: Cats? Two. Softball? Two leagues. Indigo Girls? You bet. With you on the wardrobe of Chucks, but sub ties in for hoodies.

And there’s no way I can out-gay stereotype that you have a girlfriend who kinda looks like you. Well played, Mia. Well played.

The Linster: I have short hair (but not a mullet), a T-shirt for every occasion, 2 cats, women’s music on my iPhone, an autographed photo of Jodie Foster on my wall, a stack of comic books by my bed and books in every corner of the house, three pairs of Chucks, 30+ ball caps, one lonely pair of dress shoes (but not a single dress), a pair of cleats and a well-broken-in softball glove, bowling shoes and my own ball, a personal pool cue, a guitar and a trail of broken hearts.

Heather Hogan: I am a jock. I was born a jock. I have lived 31 years as a jock. I will always be a jock. I started playing softball when I was four-years-old. Then I picked up basketball. Then soccer. Then cross country. Then track and field. Then mountain biking. Then road cycling. Then kayaking. Then triathlons. I was a four-year, four-sport letterman in high school and I went to college on a basketball scholarship. When there’s no sports equipment around, I will turn every thing into some kind of bizarre athletic competition: "Let’s see who can throw these rocks the farthest." Or, "I’ll bet I can thump you in the face so hard it leaves a permanent red welt." Or, "Race you through rush hour traffic; first person to get hit by a car loses!" Would we call that a lesbian stereotype? Probably. Also, we would call it "awesome."

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