The Huddle: Women in uniform


As the old adage goes, clothes make the (wo)man, and when a woman is wearing a uniform, it’s sexy. That woman has a job to do, and it’s not just looking good.

With so many kinds, we were bound to get a bunch of different answers to this question. Bloggers, who is your favorite woman in uniform?

TheLinster: In honor of her WNBA championship win, I choose Sue Bird, arguably the world’s best point guard.

Truth be told, though, my favorite woman in uniform is whatever woman basketball player happens to be in front of me at the moment. Sigh.

Drummerdeeds: I know she’s not usually in uniform, but Beyoncé as a cop in the “If I Were a Boy” video is one of the hottest things — ever.

If Beyoncé quit her day job to bring justice to my nearest town, I don’t even think I’d be that mad.

Lesley Goldberg: The cast of A League of Their Own.

Penny Marshall brought the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League to mainstream audiences and made heroes out of the players depicted on the big screen. I grew up and still play competitive softball and watching women in the film play hardcore baseball — in essentially glorified skorts, no less — was inspiring. The actual players — like the late Dottie Kamenshek — deserved to have their stories told the same way that Hall of Famers like Jackie Robinson and Lou Gehrig did. Dirt in the skirt!

Trish Bendix: While I really love Natasha Kai in uniform, I also don’t mind when she decides to take part of it off.

What? She’s hot! As in, sweaty.

Mia Jones: I guess my favorite would be Lara the sous chef from The L Word. So, so hot.

She also looked good in a CSI uniform.

Who is your favorite WIU?

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