The Huddle: Looking forward to fall


For some reason, fall always signifies a new start. Maybe it came from the old adage "turn over a new leaf." At any rate, there’s always a bunch of things that happen once September comes around, from TV shows returning to the return of hoodie weather.

What are you most looking forward to for fall?

drummerdeeds: While Nicki Minaj has let me down on the whole fauxmosexuality front, most of me still believes she plays for our team. Regardless, she is one of the hottest things to happen to rap music since auto-tune: her flow is sick, her lyrics are witty and clever, and I’m obsessed with her nearly two-minute verse in Kanye West‘s "Monster."

I’m so looking forward to Nov. 23, the day that Nicki Minaj puts her album, Pink Friday, on our sideburns.

Dorothy Snarker: I am excited about the return of the fall comedies: 30 Rock, Modern Family, Glee and — later this fall — Parks and Recreation. Make me laugh, television. Make me laugh.

Trish Bendix: Fall is my favorite season for many reasons: hot drinks, candles that smell like baked goods and football. But this autumn, I can’t wait for the return of The Biggest Loser.

Jillian, Bob and people who are trying to lose weight while either "playing the game" or "not playing the game." Don’t even try to get me to hang out with you on Tuesdays, beginning Sept. 21. I know I have a DVR, but I want to watch it when it’s on, OK?

Heather Hogan: Look, I know I’m wandering out onto a slippery slope when I start quantifying art. Who am I to say one thing is better than another thing, you know? Based on what criteria exactly? It’s myopic. It’s foolish. It’s grandiose.

Except this one thing. This one fall thing that I am excited about is actually the most exciting thing happening this fall. Not just for me, but for the whole entire world. It’s the best thing, the most important thing, the very most magical thing. These suggestions my fellow writers have made, the suggestions you’re thinking of inside you’re head, they’re wrong. They’re all wrong. The most exciting thing happening this fall is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). It is the most important movie you will ever see.


Grace Chu: For the fall, I am just looking forward to being a productive member of the human race. For the past couple of months, I have had no television service, and my day job has been a bit Scrooge-like with internet access. This has made following pop culture and entertainment difficult.

Every time I wanted to cover something on television, I have had to massmail friends with cable and hope that they were willing to sit around andwatch anything related to Lady Gaga on repeat. I even went all the way toNew Jersey to take part in the AfterEllen Real L Word live blog, because my friends in NYC are cheap have followed Suze Orman‘s advice in these difficult economic times by denying themselves extra goodies that cost money, such as Showtime subscriptions.

Instead, they favor internet pirating creative ways to get premium cable content online for free. Unfortunately,you cannot do that in real time; you have to wait until some 15 year old ina basement decides to make it available to the masses. So yes, I crossed tworivers for all of you, but I will do so no more — because I moved, I have cable and I even have DVR! Happy dance

Mia Jones: This is going to sound very cheesy of me but fall is my favorite time of year thanks to the beautiful leaves, crisp air and perfect cuddle weather. When it’s too hot to spoon, it’s too hot for life!

OK, readers: what are you psyched about this fall?

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