The truth: still out there?


by Malinda Lo

The long-rumored second X-Files movie is back in the news today, after David Duchovny recently told reporters that he and Gillian Anderson are wrapping up negotiations for the long-awaited film this week. Should things go as planned (and who knows if they will, as plans for a second X-Files movie have been in the works for years), shooting will commence in 2008.

Duchovny said that the film will be “more of a supernatural thriller” (i.e., probably not involving the complicated X-Files aliens/government conspiracy mythology), though the script has not yet been completed. In addition, the film will not include more recent X-Files characters such as Robert Patrick’s Agent Doggett, but will focus on the “core” characters of Mulder and Scully.

Agent Scully, I’ve missed you! When are you coming back? I really need someone to explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy.

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