Songs for Idols: Just don’t let Sanjaya sing any of them


Here’s some guy’s list of songs that should be sung on American Idol. The suggested artists are Journey, the Pretenders (other than “I’ll Stand By You,” which Gina sang so very well last night), Boston, Poison, Heart, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Ted Leo? Really? Oh, I guess that was a joke.

As for the rest, well, Heart has already made at least two appearances — both Carrie Underwood and Gina Glocksen gave “Alone” a good effort. But somebody should try “Dog and Butterfly” or “Straight On.” And if Gina really wants to be a rocker, she should go for “Barracuda.”

But I agree with the other ideas, especially the Pretenders — though I remember Alaina Alexander butchering “Brass in Pocket” during early rounds this season. Here are some more I’d like to hear:

(Click “read more” for a list of groovy tunes.)

1. Anything by Garbage. But I’m sure Shirley Manson would rather not see her songs turned into rubbish.

2. “Cruel to Be Kind” by Nick Lowe. Because it rocks.

3. “Not a Virgin” by Poe. Yeah, that would never fly. But wouldn’t it be fun?

4. Anything by Bill Withers — but who’s up to the task? Phil Stacey, maybe.

5. “Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home” by Barbra Streisand. Wait. That might be sacrilege. But Melinda, give it a try anyway, OK?

6. Anything by the Carpenters. I mean, come on.

7. “Where Do I Begin?” by Shirley Bassey. I’m looking at you again, Melinda.