28 Weeks Later, I still won’t know why they made a sequel


by scribegrrrl

I just watched the trailer for 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later. (And not to be confused with the overwrought Sandra Bullock rehab flick 28 Days.) I can’t get my head around the idea of a sequel — I consider 28 Days Later a nearly perfect film, and I really doubt they can catch lightning in a bottle a second time. But the trailer is OK, and the “Rage” virus is a fascinating concept. The virus turns the infected into murderous zombie-like creatures.

For a moment, I thought the woman in the trailer — about 41 seconds in — was Mia Kirshner. But it must be Rose Byrne.

Too bad: Imagine Jenny in a zombie movie! Maybe that’s how season 5 of The L Word will unfold: Jenny is washed up on the beach, half-eaten by sharks but alive — and entirely alone. She roams the streets of a deserted Los Angeles, looking for soy cappuccinos and homeless puppies, clutching the three pages of Being and Nothingness she found in a trash can. At last, she finds a survivor: It’s Merkin. The bitter enemies join forces in a struggle against fate — until Jenny foolishly taunts a not-quite-dead copy editor, gets bitten and succumbs to the Rage virus. She turns on Merkin, and in a series of strobe-lit, slow-motion shots, finally and gleefully eats her own.

A girl can dream. Meanwhile, I’ll probably check out 28 Weeks Later in May.