Morning Brew – Tuesday, July 13: Get “The Runaways” and “Chloe” today, Rizzoli and Isles are not lesbians, OK?


Fancy meeting you here!

Spanish TV hosts Sandra Barneda and Tania Sarrias have come out and announced they are married in a recent issue of El Mundo.

Although they have never been in the closet, they haven’t spoken publicly about their relationship and have actually been married since 2009. Sandra is the host of La Noria and Tània is on CQC. (Thanks for the tip Paola!)

Today is a good day for those of you who are itching for some new movies to own. Both Chloe and The Runaways are available today.

However, The Runaways is only available on iTunes for now — you’ll have to wait to buy a hard copy until July 20. There’s a making of featurette on Chloe that’s 26 minutes long and The Runaways on iTunes has special features that won’t be available on the DVD, including “Breaking the Mold: Blackheart Records” and “Plugged In: Making the Film.”

Out New Zealand singer Anika Moa is preparing to release her album Love in Motion internationally. Fans outside of Kiwi land can grab her fourth album this fall. Let’s hope a tour won’t be far behind!

Production on The Good Wife‘s second season is getting underway and it looks like Kalinda might be headed for eyerolling territory — aka falling for a guy at work. Ausiello says:

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) finds her private eye turf threatened by her counterpart at the new company. The character, Blake, is described as a thirtysomething hottie whose cynical attitude is offset by lots of humor and sexual charisma.

OK maybe the sexual charisma won’t appeal to her but something tells me the only reason it’s cited is because Kalinda is supposed to be into it. If they were casting a cynical lesbian blogger, I’d be perfect.

Corrie Street fans will like seeing Kym Marsh decked out for a LGBT-themed charity photoshoot. Says Kym:

The pictures are about gay stereotypes and my picture shows a strong woman. I have lots of gay friends and was delighted to be involved.”

The AV Club has an imagined conversation with TNT producers of the new show Rizzoli & Isles, which is about two BFFs who also happen to be a detective (Angie Harmon) and a doctor (Sasha Alexander). It would appear that these two women could have some sexual chemistry and would make for a great lesbian action series, and we’re obviously not alone in our thoughts about this. From the imagined interview:

TNT: They’re not lesbians! They have mainstream appeal!

AV Club: I realize that, strictly within the concept of the show, neither character is a lesbian. I realize it’s also kind of offensive to suggest that Harmon’s character is a lesbian when she’s a tomboy. But here’s the thing: Harmon and Alexander have a ridiculous amount of chemistry. And not just friendship chemistry. You half expect these two to fall into each other’s arms.

I don’t think this show should be about the two falling in love or anything like that, but that’s literally the only thing we have to hang our hat on. The attempts to make them seem like old friends fall flat. The attempts to make them seem like partners who don’t really like each other fall flat. The attempts to play them as people still getting to know each other fall flat. Pretty much the only scenes that work are the ones where you, say, contrive a way to get them in bed together and then hint, ‘Ohhhhhh, are they gonna kiiiiissss?!’ Only, of course, they don’t because this show has mainstream appeal.

I get that fans and critics are always going to read romantic tension into relationships between two main characters, but, for all intents and purposes, Isles is a supporting player in Rizzoli’s life, which makes the attempts to thrust the two together even weirder. It’s like you want everyone to think they’re in love just long enough to get them to watch, so you can remind them they’re not.

So if you’re watching this show waiting for it to happen, don’t hold your breath. On the other hand, this is the only reason to watch the show. There’s always hopes for sweeps I guess!

Out New York Times food writer Kim Severson is working on a new project with co-worker Julia Morskin called Cookfight. The book will be based on an article they wrote about “their challenge to create a dinner party for six people with only $50.” Seriously? That’s not what I call a challenge — that’s what I call impossible.

MarketWatch has a great profile of Rachel Maddow which discusses why she’s so popular.

Basically, she’s intelligent and always prepared. She’s also genuinely interested in what people have to say, not just proving them wrong. She’s also incredibly humble, telling the reporter she’s always been her own worst critic:

I was a very serious volleyball player and my coaches told me, “You are too hard on yourself. If you miss a point or a dig, you put a cloud over yourself.”

OK now who has a photo of that from her high school yearbook?

A pitbull that allegedly attacked Vanessa Carlton while she was out for a run a few months ago was found not guilty based on lack of sufficient proof that she was the one to bite her. The teeth marks didn’t match up so Bella the puppy will not have to be put down. In related news, Vanessa Carlton is still bisexual.

And if you can’t ever get enough of Jane Lynch, here’s an interview with her from the red carpet at Outfest you’re sure to enjoy.

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