Elvira Kurt wants you to get married


by scribegrrrl

First Comes Love doesn’t sound like the sort of show I would like. I’m not big on reality shows generally, and I’m not big on weddings generally. So a reality show about weddings, even if they are gay weddings? Pass.

But believe it or not, it’s a pretty good show. That’s mostly thanks to host Elvira Kurt, who does goofy things like recommend a skort to a bride who can’t decide between a dress and a suit. And then there are the unpredictable family members. The most recent episode featured a mom and grandma who happily admit that their family members are “rednecks” — and yet they fully support their lesbian daughter and granddaughter.

True, each episode is a little anticlimactic — after you’ve seen it once, you know everyone’s getting a free honeymoon from Orbitz — but you never know when a fake dad is going to show up, or when Elvira will decide to make a dog video for the brides who miss their pups. So much for traditional weddings!

First Comes Love airs pretty damn often on Logo, and is also available on iTunes. Give it a try the next time you’re feeling even a little bit like going to the chapel.

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