Morning Brew: Thursday, July 8 – Romy Madley Croft poses with her girlfriend, Nicki Minaj maintains she isn’t a lesbian


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In an interview with Vibe magazine, Nicki Minaj talked about why she spits lines like “I only stop for a real, real bad lesbian” if she’s not gay.

Did that say and then I go home and have sex with that lesbian? I just embrace all people of all lifestyles and I don’t tell them they are bad people. And I say girls are beautiful and girls are sexy and they need to be told that, and if they don’t have anyone to tell them that and mean it, I’m gonna tell them that. But I feel like people always wanna define me and I don’t wanna be defined.

I’m still wondering if she then went home and had sex with a lesbian. Maybe she ran into one on the way home from the studio!

Romy Madley Croft is the frontwoman of the biggest new indie band The XX. You might recall I loved their debut album so much I named it number one on 2009’s Best Albums from Lesbian/Bi Women. (Seriously — check the band out!) Romy and her girlfriend, Rachel, posed for Tourist magazine and answered some questions about one another. The interviewer asked, “When did you know you were in love?”

ROMY: When I realized I felt comfortable to be myself around her in every way and that being apart from her felt painful, I felt it for a long time.

RACHEL: When she did this creepy thing where she traced the ‘pattern of the music’ in the air with her hand. No, maybe it was before that, it was when she told me that she was eating a honey pitta.

Cute! It must be rough with Romy being on the road constantly, but it seems like they are OK with it so far.

ROMY: It feels…like a challenge, it’s so hard to be away from the one person you want to be with. But it makes me appreciate the time we have together so much and I have so much time to think about her and when we finally are together it feels very special.

RACHEL: Like when your eight and you want it to be your birthday.

Everyone knows that feeling.

Yesterday I told you that The Bridge will debut on CBS next weekend, featuring a bisexual cop. Well apparently the only glimpse we have of her being into women is in the first episode. A CBS publicist told me her bisexuality does not show up again in the series — ever. So she’s still bisexual, but there won’t be any hint of it, unless it’s our imaginations. Sigh.

Number 10 on the list of Den of Geek’s Top 10 strong female science-fiction film characters is Rox, the lesbian biker babe from Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town. As the site notes:

While it’s possible to find some decent gay characters in science fiction now and then (perhaps in comics rather than film, such as Northstar and The Midnighter, or TV characters like those in Torchwood), there aren’t too many lesbians. Certainly not tough, foul-mouthed, undead-fighting, biker lesbians thrashing zombies with chainsaws in true b-movie slasher style.

OK, well I’m sold. The rest of the list is full of some of our other favorite women, so it’s really a win/win.

I’m really hoping Michael Ausiello is being funny when he gives us this White Collar spoiler:

Would you believe me if I told you that Matt Bomer’s Neal and Marsha Thomason’s Diana hit the sheets in the second episode back?

Diana is a lesbian, so I’m thinking this might be a funny scene — and not sexual. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

In the new episode of Muscle Top, Cyrus and Debbie go over a Chronology of Closeted Gays in Pop Music while trying to figure out their sound.

The Neil Young-meets-Peaches is something I’d probably get into. If you don’t think this series is hilarious, we can’t be friends!

Real housewife Danielle Staub told MSN that being with “girlfriend” Lori Michaels is just really “natural and organic” for her.

[I] don’t think I could say I’m out or in. I can say that people are reading between the lines and pictures don’t lie, and I’m going to leave it at that! When and if that moment arrives, I always speak for lesbians and the gay community, LBGT. I’ve been a part of the community for 30 years. Now, I just seem to be more a part of it, and people will see as the story unfolds called my life how much so. I don’t think it’s going to define me either way because people are going to have prejudice against me for any reason, [but] it’s not going to be for whether I am [gay] or not. I can tell you in all honesty, I don’t care much for men. Let’s leave it at that.

This comes out after she released a sex tape in which she looked like she cared very much for men — or at least a man. Meanwhile, Lori Michaels hasn’t made any comments on their relationship, but does Tweet all the links that include Danielle’s interviews and comments.

Former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson told PopEater she used to love playing softball, which naturally turned into a comment on her sexuality.

I grew up playing with lesbians. I still play softball; I play third base and center field. I was always the person who made fun of cheerleaders because I hated the girly girls. I was never a girly girl. I always looked in the mirror and saw a boy. That’s what made me think, “Am I lesbian?” But I came to find out I wasn’t. I was curious at a young age.

I’m sure this helped out with her career in the Playboy mansion — not the softball part.

Daniel Alfredson is the director of the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film and its sequels. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that the extreme violence in the movies hasn’t been an issue with anyone, but he was worried about one scene in The Girl Who Played With Fire.

I was afraid with this second film, well, we have this lesbian scene, and that could be a problem in some countries. But the violence, well, no, no one ever said anything.

Well that must be some lesbian sex scene, because the violence in the films is pretty extreme. Two women making love is more offensive to people than a woman getting violently raped by a man? That says something.

If you’re going to Comic Con in San Diego this month, make sure to visit Showtime’s “The Anti-Heroes of Showtime” panel with out Nurse Jackie writer Linda Wallem, Mary-Louise Parker and stars and showrunners from Dexter, Weeds and Californication. Sounds pretty sweet — if you are going, I’m quite jealous.

Have you heard of the sci-fi film Kaboom? It premiered at Cannes this spring where it won the Queer Palms award, the first ever LGBT Award given at the fest. It stars French actress Roxane Mesquida as a lesbian witch who has a romance with Haley Bennett.

Juno Temple plays a “sexual adventurer” in the film, too. It was acquired by IFC Films and looks like it’ll be available for Video on Demand from the channel soon.

And in theaters soon, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Here’s the new poster, with Mae Whitman holding it down as the only ex-girlfriend of Mary Elizabeth Winstead:

If you visit the film’s website, you can make yourself into an avatar from the comic book movie.

We’ll have a full report on the Emmy nominations from this morning and lots more today so come back when you can.


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