Styled Out: John Fluevog is worth it


I have the unfortunate experience of being forced to walk past the John Fluevog store almost every day of the week on my way to work. I try my very best to remember to walk on the opposite side of the street so that I am not tempted to run in and drain my bank account. If I do forget, I usually stand gaping like a psycho for a solid five minutes until I’m inevitably jarred with the sad reality that I can’t actually afford every pair that I so desire. The pair currently breaking my heart? The Eureka Mary Jane heel, specifically in orange.

Drool. For those of you not familiar with the brand, let me be the first to take you on a tour of their awesomeness. As I’m always preaching, with a bigger price tag you often get much better quality in exchange, and such is the case with the glory of Fluevog. Their shoes are constructed in such a way that a gal such as myself, a hairdresser’s apprentice who spends 40 plus hours a week on her feet, can wear any pair with ease and comfort and not grind them into the ground in six months or a year or four. They’re orthopedic yet not nerdy, a combination you’ll be hard pressed to find, people.

I feel like freaking out about JF is totally valid, as the designer is Canadian and we just celebrated Canada Day. (Yay Canada!) Next to Tegan and Sara, his designs have got to be my favorite part of the whole country.

The styles are classic yet always strangely modern and fluctuate with the trends and needs of conscious buyers. Most want a quality leather but in case you don’t, there are a few hemp made vegan pairs for you to choose from.

How can you argue with a shoe that infamously has “Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan,” engraved on its soles?

What’s the alternative or cheap compromise? None, really, if we’re talking straight up getting every penny’s worth. A good comparison can be found in the small yet stylish line put out by the Seychelles brand. I know that it’s not an exact match, but it’s like Fluevog’s estranged cousin who lives in a dimension that is significantly less expensive.

Sorry for the total barf fest over the brand, y’all. I got to browsing and you know how that goes. See anything you like?

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