New Music Tuesday: 7-6-2010


Good afternoon everyone! I am getting over a sleepless weekend filled with nightmares that I can mostly blame on watching The Real L Word on too full of a stomach and then going to sleep. I hope my friends from Toronto had a great Pride this past weekend while those of you in the U.S. celebrated the 4th of July with plenty of fireworks. I am super pumped about two of this week’s releases so let’s get on with the show, shall we?

KelisFleshtone (Interscope/ Music Group)

I have been waiting for this album to drop since the opening beats of “Acapella” filled my ears probably close to six months ago. There is something so powerful, raw and sexy in the rasp of Kelis’s voice. Expect to dance and have your milkshake bring all the girls to the yard. If her music weren’t enough to make me fall in love, she can rock the hell out of an American Apparel mesh bodysuit. I mean really, who else can do that? No one, that’s who.

Kylie MinogueAphrodite (EMI)

For some reason, dance pop darling Kylie Minogue has a reputation for not being recognized in the U.S. but I remember staring at her gorgeous face with my mouth agape when the “Come into My World” video would play at my favorite bars. Perhaps her latest pop creation will bring her more attention here in the states — and not just at gay bars.

Honorable Mentions: Big Boi, Robert Pollard, Fol Chen, Cat Empire, Bret Michaels.

Now, I am in the process of putting together a list of female musicians/bands that you simply must check out — even if they don’t have a new album out. I know that some of you are hardcore fans of music and have already sent me some great suggestions in the comments section of this here blog without me even having to beg you for them. Now, I’m asking for your brilliant input — even if you aren’t sure if I’ll like it — let me know who I should be telling everyone else to listen to. Feel free to send me a private message or put your feelings in the comments.

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