Morning Brew: Tuesday, July 6 – Melissa Etheridge cites “irreconcilable differences,” Shabby leaves “Big Brother”


Hello! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Of course, we’re gone for a day on vaca and everything lesbian happens.

If you haven’t heard, I’ll be the bearer of bad news: Melissa Etheridge has officially filed for divorce from Tammy Lynn Michaels and Tammy is not happy about it.

She took to her blog to write two posts on the issue. An excerpt:



even though we both promised




no filing until after tour

in the fall

her broken promises

told to me by


i’m raising the kids

doing what i can

second set of yours

could you stop blind sighting me?

unless it’s another art form you’re working on?

have a good concert.

Melissa filed a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership last Friday, citing the ever popular “irreconcilable differences” defense. She is seeking joint custody of their 3-year-old twins, Johnnie and Miller, and “asked that the court not award financial support to Michaels.” This incited the other blog post, about Tammy giving up her acting career and livelihood to be the house wife.

i have made my own money since i started babysitting at 10, and having a newspaper route at 11. having no steady paycheck killed me for those years with her. and now it’s really killing me. the other week i had to borrow money from a friend. two weeks ago i had to scrape together $1.25 to pay for gas. i know she doesn’t want to give me money. trust. i’m borrowing cash left and right from people to get through this summer, and feed my kids, with a stomach full of ulcers, thank you. no stress here.

Melissa hasn’t made any sort of comment on the matter yet. Rest assured this split will be covered in the press just the same as any famous straight couple’s demise. Sigh.

Britain’s Next Top Model premiered last night and we were this close to having a lesbian contestant on the new cycle. Marie, a 22-year-old from Manchester, was one of the few girls axed when it came time to establish the final 14. Here she is in her intro interview:

Marie talked about having a girlfriend while on the show (who is 20 years her senior) and one of the other girls was perplexed, saying, “You don’t expect pretty girls to have a full time bird.” In the UK? I beg to differ!

Speaking of the UK, lesbian housemate Shabby left Big Brother over the weekend. She wanted to leave with her crush in the house, Caoimhe Guilfoyle, who she “hopes to have turned.” Caoimhe, however, decided to stick around. Shabby told The Sun:

I just really wanted to be able to say to her, “I’m falling in love with you… and if you don’t feel the same, if you really don’t, I’d rather you just tell me.”

If only that was so simple. This must be her first time falling for a straight girl. Today, Caoimhe asked her boyfriend to marry her live on TV. Sorry Shabby.

Last night on Huge, it was revealed that Ian thinks Will is a lesbian. When he says kids at his school call him queer because he doesn’t like sports, he turns to her and says, “No offense.” Because Will is interested in Ian, she wants him to know she’s not gay. She asks Becca, “How gay do you think I am? On a scale of one to Ellen.”

Becca clarifies to Ian later — “Will is not a lesbian.” I wonder if that will be the end of that, as Nikki Blonsky said in an interview that her character would be pondering her sexual orientation. Don’t worry, I’ll keep watching for us all.

Check out this dude’s Beyonce/Lady Gaga “Telephone”-inspired tattoo. I don’t remember that leg-locking in the video, but maybe I need to watch it for the 2,000th time.

Congratulations to Sarah Waters who was awarded Writer of the Year by Glamour magazine in their Women of the Year Awards.

Keeley Hawes presented her with the award, making it the most lesbian part of the evening, for sure. (Thanks Nicole.)

Pop singer Tulisa of the group N-Dubz has denied lesbian rumors by saying, “I wish I was gay!”She wrote on Twitter:

I would much rather b known as gay then straight anyway! And if any1 does have any tips on how I can start becoming attracted 2 women pppllllssss bring me in lol….seriously I pray I am in 5 years..

OK guys — you apparently have been called to action. Get at her.

Our beloved Fortune Feimster got the boot on last night’s episode of Last Comic Standing. However, she maintains her awesomely upbeat attitude, writing on Facebook:

You can’t win ’em all, but thank you SO much for the support, guys. I had a blast doing Last Comic Standing. I’m so happy for my friends who made it into the top 10. They are all really funny so keep watching them do their thang this season. I’m gonna go sit in a dark corner and listen to Clay Aiken now. Just kidding! I would never do that. Onward and upward!!

She said “thang!” She was obviously robbed.

I promise that we’ll have a post on Lindsay Lohan‘s new rumored lady love. In the meantime, you can read over that Samantha Ronson interview blog to get hip to how she met Lilo and where they stand with each other.


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