“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes six through thirteen


For the sake of my sanity, I’m not going to recap every minute detail of everything that’s happened in the past seven episodes because I’ll be here forever. So, I’ll just give a brief overview of everything that’s been going on.


Rafaela has residual guilt over Alma’s husband’s death. She had something to do with him getting shot. I’m not sure whether she shot him herself or if she hired someone to do it. But she keeps seeing his ghost everywhere. Well, not his ghost exactly, but an extension of her conscience which takes the form of Maximo and talks to her randomly. She continues to hate pretty much every male in the vicinity of her daughters. She does, however, like Mariana a whole lot.


Alma’s storyline is all over the place because she’s dating this guy named Leonardo who has a private investigator looking into her life. It seems he knew her dead husband (Maximo) and that at first he suspected she had something to do with his death. He no longer believes that, partly because he’s falling in love with her, and partly because he really doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t trust Rafaela, though, and now has her P.I. friend looking into her instead.

Alma’s daughter, Ileana, is a conservative homophobe that mounts a huge tantrum whenever Mariana is anywhere near her. She’s also against her mother sleeping with men she’s not married to. She had huge issues with Mercedes’ transexual client. And she pretty much is just angry and bitter all the time because she was born into the most open-minded family in the whole of the universe and her idea of “family values” is in direct opposition to theirs. It’s all kind of hilariously ironic. She also got a job working at the coffee shop in her mother’s gallery where she met Mauro, one of Alma’s male escorts. Of course, Mauro doesn’t know that Ileana is Alma’s daughter. And Ileana has no idea that Mauro has sex for a living. Or that he works for her mother.

In the last couple of episodes, Alma’s storyline has extended to that of helping a woman named Alicia who believes that she is ugly and has no sex appeal. Alma to the rescue.

Alma also sees Maximo’s ghost/conscience-projection thingie everywhere she goes.


Mercedes is doing a lot better than she was at the beginning of the series. Her daughter quit being a huge brat and is quite the sweet little girl now. Mercedes’ job situation has improved, though it got really chaotic while she was defending Carla, the MTF transexual who was looking for justice in the form of visitation rights to her son. Mercedes, ever the advocate for equality rights, won the case for Carla, and in the process made many pro-LGBT speeches, which the rest of las Aparicio cheered on, with the exception of Ileana, who believes her whole family is going to hell in a hand basket.

Also, Mercedes’ colleague, Claudio, who was her husband’s BFF but became her biggest nemesis when she took over her ex-husband’s job, has now done a complete turn-around since she reminded him that back in college he was someone she’d admired. I’m not sure if he’s back to being someone to be admired, but he’s very into admiring Mercedes. Particularly her long, shapely legs.

Julia/Mariana (and Dany and Armando)

Oh, God. Where to begin with these people?

Well, let’s see. Dany and Mariana were doing well, except for the fact that Dany kept randomly spazzing about Julia and Mariana and expressing mucho jealousy over the fact that they’re totally made for each other. Pretty much everyone can see that with the exception – of course – of Julia and Mariana, who reside permanently on Cloud Denial.

Julia spent a couple of episodes going back and forth about moving in with Armando and whether or not she could trust him and eventually caved in and moved in with him. Things were kind of okay for a minute or two. Julia had her Armando. Mariana had her Dany. And Julia and Mariana had voiceovers (from Alma) that narrated the tale of split souls forever searching for their other half. Alma was teaching one of her female empowerment courses and talking about soul mates and it cut to Mariana and Julia twirling around together on the patio.

I repeat: Made. For. Each. Other.

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