Morning Brew – Friday, July 2: Ruby Rose and Catherine McNeil call it quits, Janelle Monae says she’s claimed by lesbians


Happy Friday, ya’ll!

Sadly, it’s been reported that Ruby Rose took to Facebook to announce her separation from Catherine McNeil. The message has been taken down, and Ruby hasn’t spoken to the press, so all we have to work with is “a source” telling The Daily Telegraph:

They are, and have long been, tremendous friends. It’s sad they’ve broken up and both women are determined to remain close, but the relationship wasn’t working.

One thing I really hope isn’t true is from another source:

[Catherine’s modeling agency] thought the press she was getting with Rose was damaging her. They didn’t want her to be depicted as some sex-fiend lesbian.

I don’t ever remember reading (or writing) about Catherine McNeil as a “sex fiend lesbian,” but if said modeling agency is truly dumb enough to say that, Catherine should seek better representation.

Janelle Monae is still playing coy about her sexuality. When asked about how she identifies, the singer told Rolling Stone:

The lesbian community has tried to claim me. But I only date androids. Nothing like an android — they don’t cheat on you.

That’s another thing I hear all the time:” Janelle Monae is ours!” Just like “Catherine McNeil — what a sex-fiend lesbian!” OK, truthfully we just like your style, Janelle. You can date androids, but you might be kind of lonely.

Annette Bening told USA Today she had no problem pretending to be attracted to Julianne Moore in The Kids Are All Right.

Why should I? I’ve pretended to be attracted to a lot of other people in movies — but they just happened to be men. You don’t have to be a killer to have played one; you don’t have to be a bus driver to play one.

Can you imagine Annette playing a bus driver? I’d take public transportation more often.

Two lesbians will be at the center of the plot in new film Fishnet. Rebekah Kochan and Jillian Easton play Trixie and Sulie, girlfriends who get involved in a mob hit, forcing them to skip town and get jobs dancing at a truck stop bar. Here’s the trailer:

This makes me wonder if a leather jacket is the first thing on the wardrobe stylist’s list when he or she goes to work on a lesbian film. For this film, it’s “Leather jacket, followed by fishnets and pasties.”

San Francisco Weekly has some tips on how you can look just like Justin Bieber. My favorite:

Whenever possible, jerk your head in the direction that you’ve styled your hair. Do this as smoothly as possibly, and aim to top it off with a charming grin, especially if you are talking to a lady who is twice your age (which isn’t even old!).

Top Chef‘s lesbian cheftestant Tracey Bloom took some reader questions at The Washington Post, and one person asked how often she hears that she looks like Rosie O’Donnell. Says Tracey:

I hear that all day. I swear — whatever — I don’t care, but I really think it’s the bandana. If you take the bandana off, I don’t think I look like rosie, but 100s of people do. Yes, I here that all day. Since the TV show, people see me at gas stations and ask “Hey, are you Rosie O’Donnell?”

And on how she felt being the token lesbian on this season:

I think it’s great to be the token lesbian. More attention. I love the attention. I have gotten more attention from girls since I got off the show than ever in my entire life. I will take token lesbian any day.

Well said. Now get back in the kitchen, woman! Just kidding — it just felt like the only time I could say that appropriately.

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July! Check back Monday for the last ever episode of Lesbian Love.

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