Morning Brew – Wednesday, June 30: Lady Gaga goes butch, Ally Sheedy’s daughter comes out


Happy Hump Day!

Gaga, ooh la la! A mysterious model named Jo Calderone is credited as the model in this shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan, but everyone and their sister is certain it’s the Lady herself.

Just when I thought she couldn’t make me love her more, she butches up and proves me wrong. I mean, if it’s her. (Which it is.)

Guess who is filming a cameo as a werewolf in Jack & Diane? Kylie Minogue.

She looks like she’s going to be a bad-ass werewolf. I wonder if she’ll be using her Australian accent.

Jena Malone is also in it, making this the number one movie I can’t wait to see in the next year. Sorry, Black Swan.

Ally Sheedy is loved by lesbians, and forever will be, care of her white tank-top in High Art. But when she attended a gala for The Trevor Project in NYC this week, it was for a different reason: Her daughter, Rebecca Lansbury, is a lesbian.

Looks like Ally is a great ally. And a MILF.

The new movie Kicks follows two girls with an obsession with a football player. Like, super obsessed. But it’s also about their relationship, which appears to be a little more than friendly. Here’s the trailer:

What perfect timing, with the World Cup and all. It’s open in the UK this week. has a nice review of Batwoman: Elegy, including several pages from the comic. From the review:

Batwoman: Elegy leans heavily on these appearances to hammer out Kane’s sexuality, which is accentuated by appearances from the various women in her life. Her one-time girlfriend, policewoman and latest inhabitant of The Question’ mythos Renee Montoya, complains in Batwoman: Elegy that Kane dresses like a slut. Montoya’s relationship with Kane in the stellar series 52 artfully rebooted Batwoman as a lesbian for the new millennium.

Need to read, ASAP. That’s a note to myself, as well as to you, dear reader.

Awards shows are full of Sapphic surprises! In India this week at the Boroplus Gold Awards, actress Kavita Kaushik asked Kamya Punjabi what woman she would sleep with (“if she had no choice.”) Kamya’s answer: Chandramukhi Chautala, the character Kavita plays on the show F.I.R.. The crowd went wild.

So, when will Kamya make a cameo as a lesbian on F.I.R.? I won’t hold my breath.

Cinematical has written a superb piece, “Lisbeth Salander: Not Just Another ‘Petite’ Powerhouse.” My favorite part:

Salander isn’t a “violent femme”; she’s not femme at all. She adorns herself with typically masculine signifiers, from the giant dragon tattoo on her back to her leather coats and big boots. Her closest friends are other hackers across the world who have rarely, if ever, met, although it stands to reason that most of them are probably men. She takes lovers regardless of gender with a brusque “Wanna f–k?” attitude. And more frequently than not, the insult hurled at her is that she’s a lesbian who just needs a really good man to show her what’s what.

And that’s why I love her.

No matter how you feel about PETA, you have to love Sia‘s new ad advocating fixing your pet. The other model is named Pantera.


Come back today for a new episode of Is This Awesome? and a recap of Lindsay Lohan‘s comments on her sexuality on last night’s episode of Double Exposure.

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