Morning Brew – Monday, June 28: Queen Latifah says she’s a fan of fine women, Kylie kisses Ana Matronic on stage


Good morning! Did you have a nice weekend? I had a great time at Chicago Pride. Shout out to readers Melanie, Megan and Lauren for saying hi.

So the internet was abuzz with this question last night: Did Queen Latifah just come out? Not quite, but close! The rapper/actress hosted the BET Awards last night and, while introducing Diddy, she said:

This next performer is only seen in the company of fine women, just like me!

And scene. So that was what she gave us to work with, and it could either be a wink-wink “I’m in on the joke” to speculators, or an actual hint to her feeling a little more open about speaking on her sexuality. She’s been so closed about it, even recently in Upscale magazine, so it’s certainly an interesting development. We’ll see what the follow-up is and then decide if it was the beginning of something real from the Queen.

Kylie Minogue has got a lot of gay fans, but more of the male persuasian. But lately, she’s really gunning for Gaga’s girl fans, and putting girls kissing in her music videos and telling the press she wants to lock lips with actresses. Well she followed through with a girl kiss of her own on stage at Glastonbury this weekend, with Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters.

Of course the press is eating it up. My favorite headline: “Kylie Minogue joins the league of orchestrated lesbians.”

It’s time for a new episode of That’s Gay from Current TV. This week, it’s all about pride.

Did you watch True Blood last night? A recap is coming your way today, but you know I have to give props to Pam for getting it on with Yvetta last night. That’s the most lesbian sex we’ve had on the show yet! Too bad it was interrupted briefly by a phone call.

Speaking of Pam, our own Lesley Goldberg talked with Kristin Bauer about playing the Sapphic vamp for the gay magazine Frontiers. A tidbit:

…Every script that I read — we’re shooting episode 11 right now — I read it and go, “Oh! I can’t wait to shoot that!” I’ve had that this entire season because there’s so much that’s revealing about Pam this year, and so meaty. I’ve always enjoyed showing up and doing everything that I’ve done in past seasons, but this year they’ve pushed the envelope a lot with Pam and it’s really exciting.

I love Pam and how much Kristin is involved this season. So glad I’m not alone!

Lindsay Lohan is working on a reality show with her mom, Dina. She wasn’t involved with her mom’s previous show, Living Lohan, so it’s interesting that she’s choosing to be on camera now.

I’m intrigued, but kind of scared. I wish this would have happened when Sam Ronson was still in the picture.

Come back later today for the second to last episode of Lesbian Love with Jessica and Lacey and the True Blood recap.

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