Morning Brew – Thursday, June 24: Bisexual Bai Ling kisses co-star Helen Mirren, Freja Beha Erichsen’s hair under review


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Your favorite news entity, Fox News, has published a piece asking, “Is Coming Out as a Bisexual in Hollywood Safer Than Just Saying You’re Gay?” An excerpt:

“Coming out as bisexual is a safe thing for a woman to do. For a woman to say she is bisexual today brings about as much stigma as saying she had braces as a child. Society has changed,” explains Michael Levine, Hollywood publicist and media expert. “In fact saying she is bisexual might even gain her some attention which will correlate to visibility for whatever she is working on.”

How Anna Paquin feels about being used as an example in the article

This is pretty much what the writer concludes, based on quotes from a handful of sources. Basically it insinuates that bisexuality is non-existent, except for use as a safe word to get more fans and maintain a Hollywood presence. FAIL.

The other day I told you that episode 2 of The Real L Word will have Nikki and Jill getting into it over a dude. Well the couple is not too happy about the editing, telling Zap2It there are several things left on the cutting room floor.

“We are having a live stream webcast after the second show and I am going to address it,” Nikki says.

The series is done shooting so it’s all in the editing now. Nikki and Jill admit they never wanted to be reality TV stars and agreed to be in the show after being assured by The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken that it would be a “docu-series” to highlight “aspirational stories.”

And it’s only the second episode! I wonder if Whitney is going to own up to being forced to say the words “Power of the clam,” which are surely printed on The Real L Word T-Shirts and thongs somewhere.

Speaking of the reality show, our own Grace Chu has created a dictionary to help viewers understand the lingo. Part 1 over at reader Mia sent us this link to a Yahoo piece of celeb short haircuts “gone wrong.” OK you guys tell me — do you think any of the short ‘dos are “wrong”? I actually prefer them.

Tilda Swinton

Freja Beha Erichsen

Agyness Deyn

Yep, I really like the short ones better. I don’t care how many times Yahoo feels like “boyish” is an insult. I prefer to stick with the pics.

Bisexual actress Bai Ling is playing Helen Mirren‘s top hooker in the new film Love Ranch, which premiered last night. Here they are together on the red carpet.

They are certainly an odd pair. Bai Ling is a lucky, lucky woman.

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