Afternoon Delight: Jane Lynch on the season finale of “Party Down,” Kat and Meg Prescott on the “Shrek” red carpet


OK, listen up, lezzers! I’ve got an important story to lead-off with today! If you’ve been around for any length of time — say, ten seconds — you know Trish Bendix. She’s the managing editor here, which means she writes with one hand, edits with another hand, puts out fires with another hand, records vlogs with another hand, Tweets with another hand, feeds her pugs with another hand, scours every media source for lesbian news and somehow manages to find time to sleep. She does a helluva lot outside of AfterEllen too, and tonight The Windy City Times is honoring her as part of their annual 30 Under 30 for "outstanding young people blazing trails into the future of Chicago’s LGBT community."

High fives to Trish Bendix!

Kathryn Prescott and Megan Prescott were on the Shrek 4 red carpet last weekend, and watching Meg chomp down on a gingerbread man on camera may be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. More adorable than that pig in wellies from Friday.

The Village Voice‘s annual queer issue has an interesting article about lesbian bed death this year. (I refuse to capitalize it, I don’t care.) Lily Tomlin suggests costumes; erotica writer Rachel Kramer Bussel suggests "burlesque shows, strip clubs, or even sex parties"; and Old Dominion University English Chair Dana Heller says the whole thing is just a myth:

The myth, she adds, serves to appease those heterosexuals who are experiencing "straight panic" over LGBT visibility and power: "Increasingly, the country is coming to recognize that there is not a big divide between gay or straight relationships — except what’s inscribed in our legal system." is publishing Pride playlists from LGBT celebs this month, and today they’re featuring Tegan Quin

1. “I’m Not Your Toy” — La Roux

2. “Girls Night Out” — The Knife

3. “We Rule the World” — Dragonette

4. “Dominos” — The Big Pink

5. “Dancing on My Own” — Robyn

6. “Shot You Down” — Audio Bullys

7. “Colours — Calvin Harris

8. “Athene” — Hercules and Love Affair

9. “A Horse Is Not a Home” — Miike Snow

10. “True Faith 94″ — New Order

11. “The Girl and the Robot” — Royksopp

12. “Pop the Glock” — Uffie

13. “Dude You Feel Electrical” — Shout Out Out Out Out

14. “Head Over Heels” — Tears for Fears

15. “Undisclosed Desires” — Muse

16. “Push Up on Me” — Rihanna

17. “Heads Will Roll” — Yeah Yeah Yeahs

You can listen to the entire playlist at Flavorwire!\

Want to make 15 minutes of your day way more awesome? Try the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator. I was hoping to be a half-ninja lesbian ex-girlfriend like Roxie, but it made me Kind of a Bitch instead. (That’s Lady Vol orange, baby.)

Trish told you in The Brew that the ubiquitous Jane Lynch was headed back to Party Down for the season finale, and now USA Today has an exclusive clip of her wedding. Check it out!

You know what else you need to check out? Logo’s TripOut Travel Awards. They’re looking for nominees in the following categories: Sexiest Place on Earth, Best Breakout Destination, Ultimate Luxury Hotel, Best Gay Bar in the World and plenty of others. If you’re a traveler, get to nominating!

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by this cute little editor who invited me to "Photoshop the s–t" out of her. But why would I do that? Trish Bendix is already so cute.

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