Styled Out: A butch in butch’s clothing


When you’re planning your wedding, everyone knows that once you book the venue and plunk down the deposit, your date becomes official. All of those little details that you’ve loosely examined and laid out in the form of a dream tied to a budget start to come together and, suddenly, it’s really happening. This is exactly where I’m at right now, and I have been completely into checking out what all the other gay folks tying the knot are wearing for inspiration.

Openly gay fashion writer and editor Melanie Rickey recently wed her beautiful girlfriend Mary Portas (of the BBC2 series Mary, Queen Of Shops) posted photos of them trotting the streets in their wedding day garb with the caption, "It’s true what they say about your wedding day being the best of your life." I pretty much died when she told me that designer Antonio Berardi custom-designed both dresses, drawing inspiration from his SS10 show dresses.

Don’t let her femme-on-femme decision scare you away if that’s not for you. "I think what two women choose to wear for their wedding is very personal," Rickey said. "We chose something that reflected our personal style, and as Mary is in the public eye with a fashion background, and I am a fashion editor we are quite evolved on a style level. Other gay women should do what feels right. I am happy to offer fashion/style advice! Each case is totally individual."

If your budget doesn’t allow for world famous designers and you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to find a suit that works for you like my girlfriend, check this out: The Butch Clothing Company. I was tipped off to this business by a couple of different folks and I think that you’ll be as impressed as I was. It’s high time someone took the initiative and designed a label exclusively for the butches; I hope it’s the first of many!

I can’t tell you how many discussions my girlfriend and I have had about her anxiety over the upcoming suit shopping for our big day because, honestly and unfortunately, you never know what sort of experience you may be walking into when you’re forced to shop in the men’s department for your formal wear.

Designer Shaz Riley puts it best by saying, "Butches don’t want to be or look like men; we just don’t want to wear female clothing," an opinion I’m sure many the queer can agree upon. The stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s custom and accessible, as everything in her collection is available online.

I have been looking and debating and my choice is inevitably going to come from Nordstrom or J.Crew because, if I shop there, I will still look like a bride but not like a cupcake. I won’t give anything away by posting my top picks at the moment but if you’re like me and want something a bit less traditional but still want to look like you’re getting married, these are two of the best options I have found.

Both Nordstrom and J.Crew list which of their stores have a bridal shoppe available and have tons of options in lightweight and breathable material, a huge plus for me. I’m going to be busy battling the unavoidable humidity Chicago will have to offer me next Labor Day weekend, so it’d be cool if I was semi-comfortable.

What are you going to wear if two become one in your life?

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