Afternoon Delight: Ellen sells, Papi welds and Rachel Maddow writes for Batwoman


During last night’s The Real L Word Tweet-up, I offered ten bucks to anyone who would change their Facebook profile quote to “My life is too short and my boobs are too big to keep them locked in the valley” (which was the best quote of the whole shebacle), and three whole people took me up on my offer.

Ashley (@TheDarkSlayer)

Tess (@tessbarreiro)

And Frannie (@Whymz)

I wonder if they’ll settle for being featured in Afternoon Delight instead of the actual money. Ladies?

PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian poll is underway again, and the usual lesbian and bisexual suspects made the cut: Ellen and Portia, Missy Higgins, Alison Goldfrapp. Plus there are loads of (straight) favorites on the list. Voting is open now!

At the premiere of Jonah Hex last week, Megan Fox told reporters that her dream role is Gen 13 comic book hero Sarah Rainmaker: “I don’t want people to protest this, but I would like to be Rainmaker if they ever made that into a movie.” The Fox News headline is my favorite: Megan Fox Reveals Dream Role: A Lesbian Native-American Superhero.

Oh, you want to talk more about superheroes? Awesome, because reader scorpio54 let us know that Rachel Maddow wrote the introduction to the deluxe edition of Greg Rucka and JH Williams III‘s award-winning Batwoman: Elegy.

(I didn’t know how badly I wanted to name a file BatwomanMaddow until I saved that image.)

Hey, remember Papi? You know, Papi. She out-Shaned Shane on The L Word, disappeared into the vortex, returned that one time so Alice and Tasha could have a fight in her apartment. Riiiiiight! Papi! Well, she has a new music video. Well — no. Janina Gavankar has a new music video. It’s “Love Lockdown.” Like Kanye‘s “Love Lockdown.” She welds. There’s welding. Epic levels of Flashdance welding.

Also, she steals something, I think. Maybe a heart. And she writhes around half-naked in mummy clothes.

Check out the full video.

AfterEllen reader Kim Ho let us know about a USC-produced web series called Support Group: A Comedy about a group of LGBT students and their relationships within their campus support group. It’s quite clever and made me laugh out loud several times. You can watch the first episode right here, and check out other episodes at the “Support Group” website.

Jezebel featured an AdAge report today that says Ellen and Rihanna are the most bankable female celebs when it comes to advertising. Apparently, their faces are the ones that will make you stop and pay attention to the ad. Is it true? I don’t know, is Ellen drinking Vitamin Water out of a silly straw just to your right? Was she earlier this morning?

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Christina Hendricks because the Mad Men season four teaser poster dropped today and even though it’s only Jon Hamm staring out a window, every lesbian around me keeps crying out, “Joan! Joan! Joooooaaaaan!”

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