Afternoon Delight: It’s Bisexual Women on Magazine Covers Day!


So there I was, trying to decide whether or not to have brownies or ice cream for my Friday afternoon sugar crash snack, and I decided, "What the hell, it’s Friday — I’ll have both." As I was spooning the mix (with bonus M&Ms) into my mouth, Trish Bendix emailed me. Subj: Photo for Afternoon Delight. And I thought, "Awesome. Triple chocolate delight and hot chicks!" So I clicked the link, and guess who it was?

I’m sorry, Jillian Michaels, but your chocolate chip muffin recipe should be renamed "sandpaper muffin recipe." And I don’t know what quinoa is, so stop telling me to add it to everything. Now, do you want me to eat this chocolate syrup off your abs, or what?

And then, just as I was digging back into my ice cream, Trish Bendix sent me another photo.

Hi there, Anna Paquin. I guess it’s Bisexual Women On Magazine Covers Day. And also Trish Bendix Hates My Snack Day.

Speaking of unattainable bodies and magazine covers, British department store Debenhams has decided to stop airbrushing all of their photographs. Earlier this year, Debenhams displayed plus-sized mannequins in store windows and hired models of all shapes and sizes for their spring campaign. Now, for their new swimsuit window displays, they’ll be showing photographs of models with notations about what would have normally been Photoshopped, along with the text: "We’ve not messed with natural beauty; this image is unairbrushed. What do you think?"

I think: good for you, Debenhams, even though that model is clearly a size zero.

New York Magazine recently asked Cyndi Lauper about Lady Gaga:

NYM: You and Gaga toured together promoting Mac Viva Glam lipstick and AIDS awareness. Do you see yourself in her?

Gaga does performance art, but she does sculpture; I do performance art and I paint myself. When I saw her, I said, “Yeah, right.” You should never listen to people who say tone it down. I never painted myself so people would look at me; I did it because when I looked in the mirror, it made me feel alive. When I have color on my hair, I wake up — I can think, I can see. And I can’t understand spending all that time painting your hair and not making it look like a flower. I like tulips a lot. When spring comes and you see tulips all over the city, it’s too much for me. Eventually, I’m going to have to get the paintbrush out.

Good news from FrontierVille: I finally got my wife! Her name is Farmer Sarah Walker. And she can flat wallop a gopher!

The results from yesterday’s poll are in, and look who won: The Boy Who Lived!

If only Skins had won, I could have given you top secret movie news. (Joking! I’m joking! I don’t know anything! But I do have an interview with Jack Thorne coming up. Maybe I can crack him!)

The Real L Word premieres Sunday night (as I think you know by now), and if you missed Trish Bendix’s announcement this morning about AfterEllen’s coverage, here it is again:

We want you to participate with us, of course. So if you’re on Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtag #realLwordAE. I’ll post the liveblog right here on 10 minutes before the show starts, and we’ll have screencaps, comments from readers and staff, and other musings about the show as it unfolds. Please join us on Sunday night at 10 p.m. EST and follow along with our Twitter handles: @trishtype, @karmankregloe, @thelinster, @hhhoagie, @gracethespot, @daranai and @afterellen.

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by this tiny little pig in his wittle red wellies. Because you know what? This pig doesn’t judge my afternoon snack.

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