Four ways to make “The Real L Word” iPhone app even better


The Real L Word is finally upon us, which means Showtime is on the final leg of the promotional media blitz. Now, I haven’t always been happy with the way Showtime has advertised its lesbian content. The “Going Down in History” poster for the last season of the actual L Word was a little much, and so were the “We’ve Got Your Housewives Licked” stickers TRLW people were handing out at LA Pride last week. But when they’re right, they’re right, and The Real L Word iPhone app is a bit of clever marketing.

There’s all the regular stuff you get from TV show apps: photos, cast bios, video clips, show schedules, but Showtime has hooked up with Foursquare too:

By checking into locations through The Real L Word application, you can earn Foursquare points and The Real L Word points. Every point you earn gets you a step closer to becoming mayor of The Real L Word application and having your Foursquare username on The Real L Word leaderboard.

It’s a TV app that’s legitimately interactive. That’s smart.

You know what would be even smarter? If Showtime added some helpful features to The Real L Word App. Here are some suggestions TheLinster and I came up with:

Gaydar. Obviously.

An actual chart like Alice’s that works in real time.

Access to the U-Haul database to scout out prior relationships.

And a team of knowledgeable lesbians working with to answer pressing questions.

Isn’t that an app that would make you run right out and buy an iPhone? (For more potentially awesome iPhone apps, check out Dorothy Snarker’s ideas!)