Morning Brew – Thursday, June 17: Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley kiss and there really is a lesbian on “Top Chef: D.C.”


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First point of business: Keira Knightley continues to tantalize gay women by kissing Carey Mulligan in their new film, Never Let Me Go.

The film is based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, which follows two friends at a boarding school who all share a “haunting secret.” Sounds like a British version of Pretty Little Liars. Here’s the trailer.

The film will open sometime next fall. It appears they might kiss, but they also end up kissing boys. Don’t get too excited!

Out director Lisa Cholodenko told The L.A. Times she had to cut out some sex scenes from The Kids Are All Right so it wouldn’t get an R rating. “Yes,” she said, “I had to cut some thrusting.” Hopefully what was left on the cutting room floor will make the DVD!

Also she also divulges that Robin Wright Penn was originally set to play Nic but was later replaced with Annette Bening. There’s always next time, Lisa. High Art 2!

If you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you know that Robin (Cobie Smuthers) has several different sides to her. One of those is “Lesbian Robin.” Her part is going to expand a bit when the series returns, and she told Buddy TV that she’s down for whatever.

Maybe she’ll turn out to be a lesbian! That’s her doppelganger. That’d be interesting for me to play — straight Robin, lesbian Robin, Robin Sparkles. … I don’t know in what form Robin will find love, but hopefully it’ll be the right one. I don’t know if it’ll be Ted, Barney, Marshall or Lily — it can be anyone in our cast at this point because I make out with every single person! Listen, Robin is a slut! She gets around. Season 6, hopefully she closes her legs a little bit!

Please note that Lily is played by Alyson Hannigan. If Robin and Lily don’t get together, that’s just a missed opportunity.

Our awesome writer/photographer Lindsey Byrnes is on tour with Tegan and Sara in Europe and shooting some photos to go along with Tegan’s tour blog for Paper Magazine. In the first entry, Tegan talks about bras being thrown at her while on stage:

Another gaggle of fans threw bras. This always embarrasses me. The psychology of why is hard to explain in a few words or less. Our stage crew has strict instructions to get the bras off the stage as quickly as possible. It’s incredible to me that at 29 years old I still have such bra shame. Every time a bra flies at me on stage I am transported back to age 13 and shopping for my first bra at Sears with Sara and my mother.

See? Your bra isn’t even reaching your intended Quin twin. At best, a crew member touches it. Save your bras — and note that she said nothing about panties.

World of Wonder’s Damiana was on the red carpet at the New Now Next Awards, which air tonight on LOGO, and she talked with your favorite blazer-wearing friendo, Liz Feldman.

Amber Heard is rumored to be in talks to star in the new X-Men film as Mystique, previously played by Rebecca Romijn. You might not know this about Amber, but she’s one of those “open” kind of women. Her sexuality isn’t super straight, if you know what I mean.

Last year, Details profiled her. An excerpt:

Heard doesn’t want to talk about who she’s dating except to say that she’s “in love with Salvador Dalí,” which is both true—she’s engrossed in a biography of the surrealist painter — and the kind of savvy dodge that has kept her personal life out of the tabloids (so far). But she drops her guard when her vague, gender-neutral responses prompt me to inquire whether her independent streak extends to, um, dating women.

“I’m open to whoever,” she says. “I think it is absurd to assume that I have to look in a certain category. A person should make choices—about who they want to marry, who they want to spend time with, who they want to fuck—based on a variety of options, and I hope that one day people will be more open-minded about that. It’s silly to look in one category or another. I would never imagine a mate based on a certain sex or race.”

The same profile notes she’s hoping to move out of the role of “sexualized teenager” that she’s played several times now. So here’s hoping the X-Men role works out. She’d look great in blue!

Who loves lesbians? Everyone! But maybe just one. One lesbian at a time!

Los Angeles-based out singer/songwriter Sara Lieb has created a website called Singing TV offering free singing lessons. Check out her video blogs, which include interviews with other vocalists and instructions on how to read music or how drinking and smoking affects your vocal cords.

Rememberwhen we told you there were no lesbian chefs on this season of Top Chef? We were wrong! (I know, it sucks to admit but it happens sometimes. Still human over here!) Tracey Bloom is this season’s gay lady. She told Access Atlanta, “They’ve had a few before,” she said. “I was kind of hoping for more!”

The show premiered last night on Bravo. Did you catch it? (Thanks for the tip, Rebecca!)

Dana Delany told Digital Spy that if she hadn’t been cast in her new series, things would have ended differently for Robin and Katherine. They were supposed to break up and Robin was going to leave because Katherine was going to have a sexuality crisis. “Because Katherine doesn’t know whether she’s gay, or she’s straight and she needs to stop trying to find happiness outside herself,” Dana says. “That the happiness is inside.”

Interesting. So she notes that Marc Cherry wrote the ending of Robin and Katherine going to Paris in one day based on Dana’s new pilot. Dana also discusses her excitement about playing lesbian on the show. (Hat tip d_wlesbeau.)

Chew on that until tomorrow.

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