Afternoon Delight: Kirsten Vangsness keeps busy, Gabrielle Union gets a badge, and is FrontierVille pro-gay marriage?


OK, show of hands — how many of you have gotten yourself tangled up in a Zynga game on Facebook? Mafia Wars? CafeWorld? That fish tank one? I don’t mean to brag (yes, I do), but I’m sitting pretty at level 70 with 32 mastery signs on FarmVille, so I decided to take a break from being awesome and give Zynga’s latest release, FrontierVille, a go. It’s sort of Oregon Trail meets Farmville, and I spend most of my time chopping trees and walloping snakes.

My "spouse-to-be" keeps sending me letters, but I’ve been less than enthusiastic about getting my homestead ready for this person because I was pretty convinced Zynga was going to make me marry a dude. But recent rumors and a post in the FrontierVille forums makes me think a hot prairie lady may be on her way to me!

If Zynga is letting people choose the gender of their spouses, that’s a big deal in the video game world. It’s way more progressive than most platform games. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I really do get a wife. (I’ve still got to collect a billion more pieces of pie and learn to make medicinal tea before the actual wedding happens.)

It’s a big day in casting news:

EW’s Ausiello says that Criminal Minds dropped A.J. Cook.

Sources confirm that producers have opted not to pick up A.J. Cook’s contract option for next season. Which is a fancy way of saying girlfriend was fired. The decision to cut Cook … was made for financial reasons.

BuzzSugar says that Gabrielle Union — who was unemployed after FlashForward‘s cancellation — will star in an Army Wives spinoff on Lifetime.

The new pilot will be "embedded" into an upcoming episode of Army Wives, so regular viewers will get a peek at Union and the new show just by tuning in to the current season. Union will play Gina Holt, the police detective partner of Wives‘ character Pamela Moran.

That’s police partner. Not lezzer partner.

I need a 10-29 on a stolen police uniform and a pair of handcuffs.

Kirsten Vangsness (who luckily didn’t get axed from Criminal Mids) is set to star in a a new comic web series called Vampire Mob. The series will follow a hitman/vampire named Don who turned his wife, Annie, into a vampire who then turned her mother, Virgina, into a vampire. Vangsness will play Annie’s non-vampire sister.

Betty White was on a media blitz yesterday, promoting Hot in Cleavland. She stopped by Good Morning America and The View in the morning, and then headed on over to The Daily Show and The Late Show with Craig Ferguson in the afternoon.

She got a standing O, and a full-blown "Betty! Betty! Betty!" chant on The Daily Show.

And she explained The World Cup (for uninitiated Americans) on Ferguson.

My love for that woman knows no bounds.

It’s the time of year when Hollywood news always dries up, so it’s a good thing the World Cup is here to save us from the entertainment drought. And in keeping with the soccer (football) theme, today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by US soccer goalie Hope Solo. (You’re welcome, Sara!)

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