Morning Brew – Tuesday, June 15: Ellen to publish new book, lesbians on TV not gay in real life


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Do you love Anyone But Me? Of course you do. Their first two seasons were funded by an investor, but now they are looking to secure financial help to make a third season. Instead of doing a subscription-based showing online, they are hosting a Web-a-Thon, which means that July 27 – 29 they will show three half-hour specials with “letters from fans, a walking tour of ABM locations and special appearances from the show’s cast.”

It’s basically a pledge drive, but where you can also benefit! And if you donate, you can win stuff too, like a walk-on role for Season 3, the ability to eavesdrop via Skype on a Season 3 table read, a personalized voice mail greeting performed by a cast member and Vivian’s T-shirt from the season two premiere.

I think my favorite promise is that, with every goal met, they will release extra content, including “a promised showcase of the cast’s singing abilities.” So save your pennies and prepare to give a few dollars to Anyone But Me next month. Quality lesbian programming, ya’ll. Let’s keep it coming.

Ellen DeGeneres will be writing another book! She’s signed a deal with Grand Central Publishing to write her third book, “a look at her life through her humor,” which will be released in the fall.

The New York Times quotes Ellen as saying, “I found that between my talk show, American Idol and my late-night blogging, I didn’t have enough ways to express myself.” And with her new record label and spokeswoman for CoverGirl and Vitamin Water, she needs more things to do in her free time, too. Oh yeah — and she’s married. She needs to get a life!

Christina Aguilera told Company magazine that she’s attracted to female “femininity and beauty.” And then she started talking about her husband.

Bitch Magazine interviewed author and activist Abby Dees about her new book, Queer Questions, Straight Talk, which answers all the questions non-gay people might have about the LGBTQ community.

Dees told Bitch she she thought people might roll their eyes over her including questions like “Is one of you the man?” or “What do you do in bed?” But, surprisingly, people still want to know the answers.

… I think people have found that stuff kind of amusing, and validating to see it in print. They get that people do still want to know the answers–and at the same time, QQST is suggesting some questions that perhaps straight loved ones hadn’t thought of before, like, “Does it matter if it’s a choice?” or, “What’s the best thing about being lesbian, gay or bi?” I’m suggesting that it’s all part of a larger, honest conversation.

Might be one of those books you give a head-scratching family member. Father’s Day is coming up!

Sacha Parkinson of Coronation Street says that fans approach her on the street and ask if she’s dating her on-screen girlfriend (played by Brooke Vincent) in real life. ” I’m like, ‘No, it’s acting’. Sometimes you have to try to explain that, but most people get it,” she tells

Sacha says she hasn’t been back to work on the show since they aired the two girls kissing. Interesting. Can’t you just see the show’s writers — “Well we did the whole girl-on-girl kiss thing. Now what do we do with them?”

A documentary Min næsten normale familie (“My Almost Normal Family”) aired in Denmark last night, following a boy who has two moms. The moms, Nanna and Karen, have been married since 1996 and have four sons. (Thanks for the tip Cardinal!)

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