Will Lenny and Squiggy drop by?


by scribegrrrl

The president of TV Land (wow, what a great title — imagine saying, “Hi, I’m the president of TV Land!”) is developing a “loosely scripted” show starring Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams as themselves. Filming on the pilot starts next month; Marshall and Williams will apparently live together at Marshall’s house. Or they will appear to be living together. Like they appeared to be living together to curious, fascinated 9-year-old me.

I love Laverne & Shirley. I’ve been known to watch marathons of it. My sister thought it was so cool, she had a shirt with a “J” on it (like Laverne’s “L”). And my band camp friends and I (yeah, I said band camp) would do the schlemeel-schlemazel thing as often as possible.

But I have to wonder: Is this going to work? Can Cindy and Penny still do slapstick, or are they a little too arthritic to be slammed into the wall by a wayward Murphy bed? And if they’re not going to do that kind of humor, will they still be funny? It seems risky. I don’t want my fond memories to be sullied.

As long as Carmine doesn’t show up to do another random dance number, I’ll tune in. I do hope Penny manages to throw in a few instances of “Aw, come on, Shirl!”

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