The Weekly Geek: iPhone mania “Star Wars” corsets


Hey, so did you hear about the new iPhone? If you have a functioning internet connection and anything resembling interest in technology and gadgetry, it’s likely that you’ve spent the last couple of days inundated with details about Apple’s newest device. The iPhone 4G features all sorts of nifty new upgrades, like video chat (now mom can see just how hung-over you really are for your Sunday afternoon chats!), a much cooler camera (5 megapixels and assorted tech-specs), multitasking, and best of all — the ability to record HD video (in crisp 720p) and actually edit using an iMovie app, on the phone itself. Consider this the next frontier in DIY filmmaking (and vlogging!)

Really, about the best thing to come out of this is the absolutely hilarious spoof video featuring Jane Lynch. Go ahead and click the link — it’s so full of win, its like cluster bombs going off in my pants.

While iPhone mania filled the blogosphere with admiration and desperation, there was plenty of girl-centric geekery to be found this week. The good folks who put on the Penny Arcade Exchange (the gaming convention made distinctly with fans in mind, also known as PAX) actually decided to put out a poll regarding their “no booth babe” policy.

In plain English, a booth babe is an attractive woman who appears at conferences — basically to look hot and entice the fans. Plenty of women (and men) find the practice degrading — especially since so many game journalists are women these days, so PAX has outlawed them.

I’m happy to report that the fans overwhelmingly support the notion that anyone shilling a product should actually know about it, and not just be there to be a pretty face. So the PAX folks are keeping the rules — and even allowing fans to go a bit crazier when it comes to cosplaying in costume. From Ars Technica:

The numbers are striking, and the rule saying models need to know about the product is important. It seems that those going to PAX want to see and learn about the games, not ogle scantily clad ladies who pretend to really like having their picture taken with sometimes-stinky gaming fans. Giving more breathing room to cosplayers is also a nice touch, as fans dressing up like their favorite character has always been a large part of the show experience … even (especially?) if the outfits are titillating.

The rules leave some room for interpretation, but the spirit of the law is clear: no partial nudity, the models need to be knowledgeable about the products they’re shilling, and cosplayers can continue to be outrageous as long as it’s true to the original character design. Sounds fair.

If you really want to go for extra credit, you could show up every other cosplayer at PAX by sporting the most geeky-sexy item known to humanity: Star Wars corsets.

Available in both Darth Vader and Stormtrooper varieties, these are pricey, but custom-made so your imperial assets will always look good. I’ll begin dropping hints for the next holiday season now.