Morning Brew: Wednesday, June 9


Good morning!

Lie to Me star Monica Raymund told Latina Magazine that people tend to think she’s a lesbian.

I read that a lot of people think I’m gay. I don’t care. My boyfriend and I are not really phased [sic] by what people say.

She’s throwing out the boyfriend card! OK, we get it, you’re straight. But tell me you didn’t reconsider once Jennifer Beals walked on set!

Former Big Brother UK contestant Anna Nolan was known for being the lesbian nun. Now, she’s back in Ireland with a “highly successful television career,” according to The Scotsman. She said of her experience in the house:

There were moments when I wanted to leave due to boredom, or people irritating me, or missing people at home. Did I enjoy it? It was about getting through it.

Maybe her experience would have been different if she’d had a girlfriend on the inside, like Sarah and Veronica in Italy.

Cherry Jones doesn’t want to win an Emmy for her time on 24. She told The L.A. Times:

I love and adore everyone I worked with on 24 and am actively missing them. This job has offered me time with my elderly parents, given me new lifelong friends, a bank account, and the memory of last year’s Emmy night which was one hell of a delicious ride. So honestly it never occurred to me (or my two agents who know me well) to submit me this year. One of the lessons in life is to know when to leave well enough alone and be grateful.

Doesn’t she know we have few lesbians to root for, come Emmy time? Darn you, Cherry Jones! has a list of “The 8 Steamiest Celebrity Girl-on-Girl Kisses” and I knew it would be bad when I saw number one. OK, the Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson kiss might have been fun or cute or ridiculous, but it definitely wasn’t steamy. It was a peck on the lips. Number three? Miley Cyrus and her non-kiss with the back-up dancer. I think this list would be better off titled “Things That Happened Recently Involving Two Women.”

Gawker posted their own take on the celebrity lesbian kiss phenomenon. They have created a list of what each celebrity’s faux lesbian kiss meant to them. For example:

Katy Perry: “Look at me.”

Madonna: “I’m in charge.”

Meryl Streep: “I’m hip to stuff kids are doing these days.”

I’d like to add:

Evangeline Lilly:I love my close friends — and I show it!

Drew Barrymore:I’m girl-friendly!”

Ellen Page:I’m a tease.”

IKONS magazine has published its second issue. The quarterly is for and about black and Latina women who partner with women. You can still order its debut issue featuring cover girls Kin 4 Life on their website.

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