Morning Brew: Friday, June 4


Good morning!

While you were sleeping, Miley Cyrus performed on Britain’s Got Talent. The only reason I’m writing these words on is because the pop star simulated kissing a female dancer during her dance routine.

Don’t worry, impressionable tween fans — no lips actually touched. It was pure acting, and she was just getting a little crazy with her choreography because it was a song about being wild — she “Can’t Be Tamed.”

So she’s jumping on the lady kissin’ bandwagon, but with less commitment. Still, the fact that this was the biggest news on the ‘net today means that some young little Hannah Montana fan in small town, Alabama will ask her mom, “Ma, what’s a lesbian?”

I’m most interested in what happens now, after the simulated kiss and the immediate press requiring Miley to explain herself. Stay tuned.

In real lesbian news, Jane Lynch and Lara Embry‘s wedding was written up in the New York Times. They talk about their meeting and long distance relationship, and how they clicked instantaneously.

“We are both fascinated by emotional experience and are essentially hopeful people, but that temperamentally we express it differently,” Embry said. “I tend to be more calm and reserved, and Jane is not. She’s expressive and exuberant and gregarious.”

“Lara’s very patient,” Ms. Lynch said. “I move fast. I’m very impulsive, and we kind of process things at a different pace. So we’ve both had to step up in that area. I’ve had to slow down, and she had to get a move on.”

They’ve got it down to a science! Congrats lovebirds.

The Sundance Channel is playing episodes of the popular web series Lizzy the Lezzy on June 6. You can watch them all on their website, too. Score!

Here’s what Sinead O’Connor thinks.

Yes, that really is her.

Janis Ian is a true rock star. A profile of her in the Jewish Chronicle is all about how she used to do cocaine with Jimi Hendrix and the death threats she received after releasing “Society’s Child,” her song about an interracial relationship. Gotta love the ’60s!

Kathy Griffin is looking to win some more Emmys, including one for her performance as the lesbian activist on Law and Order: SVU this year. Here’s her campaign:

The L.A. Times sucks for this headline: “Zoe Saldana comes out of the closet at Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards.” The actress gave the following speech at the awards, which prompted the story:

I have to thank that one special person who always gets buried and overlooked. I’ve lived a very private life, and I’ve been with a partner for 10 years who has allowed me to age [long pause] which is absolutely awesome and he’s super bright, and he’s here tonight and I’m just going to come out of the closet right now. I’m going to say, “Thank you.” I tend to confuse privacy with not saying thank you, so I love you.

Zoe, that’s not being closeted; that’s being forgetful. And a tease.

Sia‘s ballad “My Love” is on the Eclipse soundtrack and boy, does it seem like it was made to be Bella’s Swan song. (Sorry, I had to.)

Lastly, the women of The Real L Word have posed for a NOH8 photo. I can see it in their eyes: “Stop hatin’!”

Have a great weekend, guys.

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