Just don’t call her Ms. Poehler


According to The New York Times, Amy Poehler doesn't like to be called a funny girl. Well, funny, yes; girl, not so much:

Ms. Poehler would prefer not to be celebrated for her achievements simply because she is a woman. Better yet, she would prefer not to be reminded so frequently that she happens to be a woman surrounded by men. “You have to be grateful for it, and you want it to go away at the same time. If you try to analyze comedy at all, it’s deadly. If you try to bring your gender into it, it’s unbearable.”

More like unbearably funny, you mean. Or at least that's likely to be my reaction to the Nickelodeon series she's developing, The Mighty B. The main character sounds like an animated version of her spazzy preteen character named Kaitlin.

Rick, Rick! Can I have a ship of your shoda for shushtenance, Rick?

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