Morning Brew: Thursday, June 3


Morning brewsters!

Let’s start today off with this funny music video from musical comedy trio The Midnight Beast. It’s called “Lez Be Friends” and the dudes sing things like “If she don’t like me, she must be a lesbian.” It’s tongue-in-cheek — you’ll laugh, I promise.

Artist Toni Latour‘s “The Family Project” is a photographic fusing of her and her (now ex) partner’s families to see what their children would look like if they could reproduce together. Here’s a video of her talking about the exhibit in Vancouver:

A profile of the band Sugarland in the Beacon Journal mentions the band’s original third member Kristen Hall, noting there were “rumblings and rumors that she was asked to fade into the background by band management because of her weight and out lesbian lifestyle.” Yes, that’s right — an out lesbian in country music! But she was ousted or left on her own — we don’t know the full story. At any rate, she was a large part of the band right before they blew up.

Linda Perry stopped by Logo to talk with NewNowNext recently. Here she is chatting about “An Evening With Women.”

I seriously can’t wait for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, mostly because of Mae Whitman playing lesbian bad ass Roxy Richter. This exchange of dialogue between Roxy and Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is pretty hilarious.

Bi-curious girls making lesbians bi-furious? How has no one thought of this before?

Bisexual MC Nicki Minaj is on the cover of Vibe this month, and here’s our first look at her photospread.

Has anyone asked Gwen Stefani how she feels about Nicki adopting the whole Harajuku girl thing? Maybe they share custody.

See you tomorrow!

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