Styled Out: Fashion news round-up


A few of our favorite ladies of lesbian interest are making headlines this week in a stylistically related way so it’s only fair that I share the latest dish with you in this week’s edition of Styled Out.

You’ve most likely heard that Lindsay Lohan‘s wild behavior has at long last lassoed her — literally. Girl has been court-ordered to sport a lovely little anklet that’s known in the world of law as a SCRAM and, as you can imagine, it’s not the coolest thing to be wearing around town for lunch with the girls or a little shopping.

Leave it to Lindsay to try and spice things up a little by trying to decorate the thing. I mean, the obvious solution was boots, but straight up decorating it?

Wow. I am a pretty die hard ally, but I’m finding it really hard to control my laughter over the latest. Everybody knows about it, Lindsay. Either up your Netflix subscription and lay low for a little while or just suck it up and face the facts. Less is more!

Another favorite of the more fruity gals is our beloved Kristen Stewart and she, too, is facing a bit of backlash this week. The actress is getting a bunch of crap for her latest red carpet look for the Sydney premiere of Eclipse and I’m frankly pretty put off that the fashion police are after her so hard.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with wearing a yellow leather skirt with a black scoop necked top? She even topped it off with those hot little black heel/clog hybrids that I can’t seem to get enough of which only accentuated her amazing legs, so I’m not really sure what the problem is here.

Lay off, fashion 5-0. She’s looking fabulous as always. She is on the cover of the UK edition of Elle for their July issue, after all.

Michelle Tea has started her very own style blog called Ironing Board Collective. If you’re looking for the latest trends, you might not want to look here, but you will find inspiration from many a stylish lady from places that you may never have thought of. I’m talking everything from Mary Kate Olsen (one of my favorite style icons of all time), swooning over sales on sheets to an examination of Patti Smith‘s influence on style through the decades to being inspired by someone’s savvy grandfather.

What’s your favorite fashion news of the week?

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