Morning Brew: Tuesday, June 1


Happy Pride month! It’s officially begun. Let’s get wild.

Here’s the official full-length video of Kylie Minogue‘s “All the Lovers” in all its underwear orgy glory. It’s a fun game of spot the gay girls.

Perhaps you prefer a little more in-your-face neon glow girl kissing, like in Mr. Flash‘s new video. (Thanks Laura!)

So now that we’re thinking about women making out in videos, asks, “Do Female Pop Stars Have to Swing Both Ways to Be Popular?” In short, I’ll give you my answer: Only if they want to be popular with gay women. I’m pretty sure if they were just sexy and making good music, we’d still like them, but we become hardcore fans of the ones that also play for our time or openly support us.

Which brings me to the fact that Lady Gaga is on Larry King Live tonight. Here’s a preview clip of Gaga talking about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and gay rights:

Singer Charlotte Church has reportedly been dumped by her beau, Gavin Henson, because of a “lesbian smooch.” Says The Daily Star:

That night it was Charlotte back to her wild best, just how she was when she and Gavin first met. She was lolling around all over the place. She was already fairly drunk when she arrived. She perked up at one point and kissed the girl. But the night went on in that fashion, lots of drinking, before she finally passed out on one of the bar’s sofas.

“I’m kissing all the boys / I’m kissing all the girls…” sing it with her Christina! Of course it wouldn’t ever be the fact that she was getting wild off some drank — only that she kissed another girl. Scandal! Thanks “source,” you always seem to know all!

Janina Gavankar did an interview with, talking about her new show, The Gates. Weirdest part of the interview:

Question: Your publicist, Rohan, said there are gonna be a lot of cute guys on The Gates and he told me to ask you what you think about them. What can you tell me about these guys you’re working with?

Basically Rohan is like “You need some fans besides lesbians, Janina! Talk about hot guys!

Pretty Little Liars debuts on ABC Family next week with teen lesbian Emily keeping her sexuality a secret from her friends. A new clip shows her getting a note in the locker room that gives her a scare.

What, no photographic proof? I’m going to have to watch this show, won’t I? I will. The lesbian just gives me a viable excuse.

The queer Copenhagen band Nuclear Family is selling some hot T-shirts that say “Gay is the new punk.” You can buy them from their website and check out their music while you’re there.

Hot girl model not included, but what a perfect Pride shirt, yeah?

BTW, I apologize for telling you that Charlotte has a girl crush on her nanny in Sex and the City 2. The Daily Mail lied to us all, or they obviously just have no idea what a girl crush really is. I saw the movie over the weekend and, without spoiling it, there is a small lesbian tidbit in the film, but you’ll have to sit through the entire thing to see it. Sorry!

We’ve got a bunch of great stuff for you today — it’s like we’re on overload from taking Memorial Day off. Come back later, you won’t be disappointed.

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