Sandra Bullock has a premonition … of box office disaster?


Today Sandra Bullock's new movie, Premonition, about a wife who has premonitions about the death of her husband, opens in theaters nationwide. Critics aren't exactly loving the film, but they are loving Ms. Bullock. Here she is in a still from the film, looking all premonitiony (click "read more" at the bottom to see more pretty pics):

The Chicago Tribune says: "Bullock keeps her head down and acts with quietly considered intensity. It's easy to forget that she's a shrewd actress in many different genres, not just comedy. In drama, she's not the sort of performer who seems to be making things up as she goes–she's all about steady gazes and being in control, even when things are spinning out of control–but Bullock's razor-sharp technique has saved many a lesser film."

USA Today: "Bullock's acting is fine, particularly when she's challenged in some of the film's better scenes to appear as if she's going crazy."

Washington Post: "Bullock, rumpled and intense, recalls her performance in 'Crash' in a convincing serious turn."

OK, so the New York Times didn't jump onto the Sandy-loving bandwagon: "Embodying a paranoid but plucky Everywoman clutching at an elusive mate while trying to maintain her sanity, the best Ms. Bullock can manage is to seem glumly opaque."

Even if Premonition is a box-office disaster that calls for quick reparation in the form of another adorable romantic comedy in which Ms. Bullock dresses really frumpy until she has a miraculous makeover into a snarky, gun-toting secret agent, I have to admit I have a soft spot for Sandy. There's something about her no-nonsense, fun-loving demeanor that makes me want to, well, hang out with her! I feel like she'd make a great hiking buddy. And she probably wouldn't flake on plans to go to the movies or shopping — or shopping followed by movies. Is it because she's a Leo? We cats have to stick together.

In case you've forgotten how great she is, here's a retrospective of some of her roles:

The Lake House (2006) — In which she gets a really smashing haircut.

Miss Congeniality (2000) — Shortly after her miraculous makeover from "dowdy" to hottie.

Practical Magic (1998) — In which she gets witchy with Nicole Kidman.

The Net (1995) — Surfing on the beach (ignore the man in the background). I know this movie is one that most people love to ridicule, but sue me, I have a fondness for The Net. All that early internet age paranoia and really old laptops! Plus, she orders pizza online!

While You Were Sleeping (1995) — Can you get any cuter than this?

Demolition Man (1993) — Ignore Sly Stallone there, and check out Sandy in uniform.

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