Great LezBritain: The Top 10 British Ladies We Wish Were Gay, But Aren’t (As Far As We Know)


Cheryl Cole — The British sweetheart

Back in 2002 Cheryl Cole was just another British reality contestant who then became just another member of British girl band Girls Aloud. But then in 2008, she met a fairy godmother and Kapoosh! she was turned into a beautiful princess. Well that didn’t actually happen, but she did meet Simon Cowell and become a judge on X Factor and every week she captivated the nation with a winning combination of truly wonderful shiny teeth and hair, feisty Geordie wit and apparent lack of pretension.

The media were falling over themselves to proclaim her as a national treasure. The Chezza love in Britain has become hardcore: we now hate her cheating husband, we hate the band mate that didn’t call her when the husband cheated, we buy her (not that great) pop tunes and when she appears in shampoo adverts, the nation collectively agrees, “Yes Chez, you bloody are worth it.”

Archie Panjabi — The one bigger abroad than at home

Panjabi has popped up in many film and television roles over the last ten years, including the comedy film East is East, the Oscar-winning The Constant Gardener and playing one of the few non-football enthusiasts in lesbian favourite Bend It Like Beckham. However she has recently caught many a lesbian’s eye as Kalinda Sharma in The Good Wife.

This Indian beauty brings a tough, cool temperament and unflappable demeanor to the show. While hints have been laid down about Kalinda’s sexuality, no physical evidence has been seen yet but we do await it with bated breath.

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