Angela Chase in her underwear


Claire Danes has occupied a soft, mushy spot in my heart since her days as the everyteen in all of us on My So-Called Life. While the other girls were falling for broody blinker Jordan Catalano, I was dreaming about the blossoming wallflower Angela Chase. (Raise your hand if you wished Angela and Rayanne would hook up instead — don’t be shy.) Her Manic Panic–stained days of flannel and angst ended a dozen years ago, but ever since, I’ve watched Claire’s career with interest and some bemusement. The Mod Squad? T3? And then there was the unfortunate absconding with a very pregnant Mary-Louise Parker’s (very bad) boyfriend Billy Crudup.

Now more bemusement, but at least this time it comes courtesy Claire in her skivvies. The 27-year-old actress is the latest khakis hawker for The Gap. In the spot for the new Boyfriend Trouser, Claire and actor Patrick Wilson show off their dance skills as they one-up each other to the tune of “Anything You Can Do” (from Annie Get Your Gun — rest in peace, Betty Hutton).

Great song. Cute commercial. Kinda ugly pants. But is it a wise career move?

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