Missy becomes a Hero


Last week, Missy Peregrym of Stick It fame joined the cast of Heroes in the last new episode until April 23. Her character is a shape-shifter whose motives seem to be morally sketchy. At least she's not psychotic like Nikki, but that's not saying anything.

It's interesting that all the women with powers (so far, and who haven't been killed off by Sylar) are hot young babes. Meanwhile, Lindeman, the crazed puppetmaster manipulating world destiny, is played by an ancient Malcolm McDowell.

Why the bias? Aren't there any fossilized actresses out there willing to chew up scenery and bend time to their bidding? Cloris Leachman would be perfect.

Wait, no! Joan Collins! Or, better yet, cast them both. You can watch all 18 episodes of Heroes and read the graphic novel at nbc.com.

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